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New Study: Professionally Written Resumes Score Jobs Faster & Earn More

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If you’ve been in the workforce for years, chances are you’ve considered outsourcing the dreaded process of writing a resume. After all, needing a new job is stressful on its own, then add to that the anxiety of capturing your entire work history and value into one or two pages. Hello, migraine.

However, a new study by TopResume may provide a proven solution. The resume writing service commissioned a study to determine if recruiters perceive candidates with professionally written resumes to be more employable, as well as if job seekers benefit from a professionally written resume. The results? Recruiters valued candidates with professionally written resumes to be worth 7% more than when assessed using their self-written versions. Furthermore, candidates with professionally written resumes were more likely to secure interviews, land a new job sooner, and advance their career faster.

“Professionally written resumes increase a job seeker’s perceived value by providing a clear career narrative, a visually balanced presentation, and proof of the person’s abilities,” says Amanda Augustine, a certified professional resume writer and career coach.

According to the data, candidates who invested in a professional resume reported:

  • 32% higher rate of finding a job than those who wrote their resume themselves.
  • 68% secured that job within 90 days of having their resume professionally written.
  • 42% of them moved on to a higher-level position.

“Anecdotal evidence has suggested that professionally written resumes offer significant benefits to job seekers, but there was no data to confirm those advantages — until now,” said Jeff Berger, CEO and founder of TopResume, a Talent Inc. company. “Now, when job seekers wonder whether investing in this critical job-search tool will positively influence their candidacy, there’s resounding proof it will help advance their career faster and at a higher salary and title.”

If editing and tweaking your resume is causing you to go mad or you are still wondering whether your resume is strong enough to beat the competition, consider hiring help via TopResume, especially if you’re changing careers or transferring industries. 

“When you’re changing careers, it’s assumed that your recent work experience will not perfectly align with the role you’re now targeting,” says Augustine. “To ensure your resume isn’t immediately trashed by the ‘bots’ or a recruiter, you need demonstrate that you possess the skills necessary to do the job well, even if this new job isn’t a natural next step after your previous role.”

That’s where transferable skills come in. “Some transferable skills are universal, regardless of the field: leadership, communication, analytical skills, and many others,” Augustine says. But “if you want to land a job faster and maximize your future paycheck, hire an expert to write it for you.”

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