Career Advice

Prompting Employers, Recruiters and Hiring Managers To Ask "Who Is That?"

I walked into a friend’s company yesterday to visit, and man there was an energy I had not seen in a while which was emanating from each cubicle and office. People were on the phone recruiting to fill positions throughout Texas and all over the country – a very good sign. As a result of the increased business, the company is hiring and interviewing constantly so there was a stream of candidates coming through the office. One job candidate walked by and took it upon herself to stop and introduce herself to me. She did not know who I was, just a visitor but she wanted to introduce herself and she did so with a smile and great energy. When she finished I asked my friend, who owns the business, who was that? He quickly answered “She will work here” because he knew I was interested in anyone who presented themselves that way – a winner in the making.

We meet people all the time and I like to remind myself that these serendipitous meetings may turn into a job, a career or an important friendship. But, we walk by these situations all the time, missing out on opportunities to meet someone new or missing out on opportunities to present ourselves as we would like to be perceived. Here are a few points that may help you make the most of that next encounter:

  • Walk tall: This will present your confidence
  • Step quickly. This will present your purpose
  • Identify your daily purpose and repeat it as a mantra throughout your day. You’ll see it makes the first two points automatic.
  • Smile, always….try it!
  • Find something that makes you laugh and laugh at least once a day. By taking time to relish in something you enjoy, for example I watch Sinbad and roll – makes my week, you’ll find that positive action can contribute to the positive personality perceived by others.

Know that people want to be around enjoyable people…works in life and work. So work on being the person people want to know, the one that causes them to ask, ‘who is that?’