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How To Quash Your Career Fear & Regain Confidence

If you’re creative, if you can think independently, if you can articulate passion, if you can override the fear of being wrong, then your company needs you now more than ever ~ “Ignore Everybody” – Twitter quote by Alan See (@AlanSee), Chief Marketing Officer.

Unwieldy fear weighs down jilted careerists like an albatross. Following a layoff, a firing or even voluntary resignation, you likely will feel uncertain about your value, your future, your livelihood, your societal worth and your ability to start anew. Raw emotions skyrocket, precipitating palpations and emotional misfires, both unfamiliar and frightening.

Whatever it takes, avert yourself from the spiral of feelings and emotions that will spur self-sabotaging, career-delaying actions that stunt your career transition success.

Now, more than ever, is the time to surround yourself with spirit-lifters, encouragers and those who build you up with the confidence and positive energy imperative to your forward career motion. Now, more than ever, is the time to trust your instincts, to seek out reinforcers of your value and to believe in yourself and your unwavering value.

As an Executive and Professional Resume writer, I regularly witness the disparity between the empowered careerist, who confidently marches forward, owning his words and marketing proposition, and the disgruntled sad-sack job-loss victim who muddles along, critiquing his every action step and measuring every articulation.

The critical difference is that the confident, emboldened careerist embraces his passion, his differentiating words and his singular methods to ‘get the job done,’ and he distinguishes himself with an innovative, zealous word story, strategically yet eloquently positioning him as the prime candidate for the right corporate culture fit.

A confident careerist uniquely positions his Career Chronicle by:

Weaving in word ribbons of career wonderment that elicit emotion and evoke palpable reader interest. He describes not just the who, what, where, when and why, but the ‘how’ and the ‘hurdles’ as well as the distinctive tinges of his influence, process or technical leadership talent. He adds nuance to the story of precisely how he spurred a change improvement, revenue influx or spike in customer satisfaction.

Brightening the career picture with spots of color, splashes of graphics and fonts that dance and sing. The confident careerist pushes obsequious boundaries prescribed by dutiful career experts, recruiters, human resource managers and the like that quash your creativity until you are simply another plain-vanilla, buzzword-laden resume cog in the giant, rotating job-search wheel.

Breathing personality into your resume headlines, lead-in statements, paragraphs, bullets, charts, and so forth. Be brave enough to take a few calculated risks. Fearing your resume may be ruled out because you use focused, potent language may lead you to dilute your verbs, weakening impact. The decision to strip your resume of interesting and engaging words may be just the same decision that eliminates you from the running with a like-minded individual aching to hire someone uniquely you.

Correct your career course with the right words. Settling for safe-harbor career resume messages may ensure fewer disruptions and storms, but will also assure you may never reach the enticing, adventuresome career port for which your career truly is charted.