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Quiet Please! The Value Of Silence At Work And During A Job Search

In the chaos of a golf game, there are moments of silence where the player considers and prepares for the next shot – a shot vital to success. The process of silence allowing for the player to concentrate is the same at all levels, amateur to professional. Whether there are club members holding up signs for the pros, or friends holding up a finger to their mouth, the request is the same – quiet please.

Our daily lives of working or looking for work can be chaotic, we rush to finish projects and we live anxiously looking for the next interview. In the rush and chaos do we take the time to be quiet, to consider and plan? We likely know people who pray or meditate and no matter the philosophy driving them, they are giving themselves the proper time to consider their lives by taking quiet moments to reflect.

There are many books and suggestions on how to reflect amidst the noise, but for most it is just a matter of taking the time to stop the chaos, finding a quiet place and just thinking. Through this process we discover clarity and focus; answers we couldn’t find in the daily rush of life come to us. Using quiet time is not new, you know this. It seems that now is a good time for a reminder.

Find a nice place to be by yourself and if people ask what you are up to just let them know you need a little quiet please.