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Job Recruiters Dish On What They Like About Their Careers, What They Don't, And What They Get Asked In An Interview

According to Glassdoor interview reviews, 15% have acquired a job interview with the help of a recruiter and 3% get an interview by working with a staffing agency. Given these findings, we were curious to find out what it’s like to be a recruiter or staffing agency professional in this market. What does it take in this economy for recruiters to pair job seekers with companies hiring? What’s challenging about the job these days? And what type of questions does a recruiter get asked when they are being interviewed for a job?

Based on the company and interview reviews on Glassdoor, we did some digging around to give you a better picture of what it’s really like to be a recruiter today.

What recruiters don’t like about their jobs: In a nutshell, being a recruiter requires long hours, sometimes a low commission based salary, and a continual uphill climb given a tough job market.

Long hours, commission brackets are impossible to reach, once you reach then you still aren’t making that much money. – Aerotek Recruiter

Overall, the staffing industry isn’t a prime place to be. Go in wanting to learn about the job market and what you need to succeed, and get out while you can. – Aerotek Recruiter

You will not have a personal life. – Spherion Recruiter

There isn’t much of a work-life balance, my average week as about 60 hours, and that was nothing compared to some of my colleagues. – Robert Half Recruiting Manager

In a down economy it’s about numbers vs. the past or the quality of the individual. – Kforce Account Manager/Recruiter

What recruiters do like about their jobs: On the plus side, recruiters enjoy getting to see firsthand the fruits of their labor, and some report that the more elbow grease you put into it the more you will get out of your career in recruiting.

You get to see the result of your hard work. There is nothing better than seeing a person get a position they really wanted and having them thank you for it. – Aerotek Recruiter

This job is exactly what you make of it. They reward hard work and integrity with chances to increase your load and advance. – Spherion Recruiter

Excellent opportunity to make money when the economy is doing well. The ability to earn commissions as a sales person there are excellent. – Robert Half Recruiting Manager

You are paid for your performance and income potential is unlimited. –  Robert Half Recruiting Manager

Provides an insight into large corporations hiring practices or the lack there of. You can earn a decent entry level paycheck with a bachelors degree in social science or even liberal arts. – Volt Information Technical Recruiter

And last, but not least, what is it like to get a job as a recruiter or at a staffing agency in this market? What do recruiters get asked in an interview?

What does diversity mean to you? – TEKsystems Technical Recruiter

There is a man on the ground with a broken window and a rock in the same room. What happened? – Microsoft Recruiter

Tell me about a former colleague you didn’t get along with. – Apple Recruiter

What would you do if you got a job at a company and you hated it? – AeroTek Recruiter

Remember that this snapshot is just the tip of the iceberg for the recruiter and staffing agencies reviews on Glassdoor. If you have questions on how to determine if a recruiting job at a specific company is right for you, contact Glassdoor’s Clearview Collection, a panel of career experts with expertise in recruiting, HR and other workplace issues, with your questions ( Or, if you are looking to work with a recruiter and staffing agency, take some advice from Glassdoor career expert Jeff Hunter who offers tips on how to evaluate a job and career recruiter.