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Resume Templates for the Best Jobs in America

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Last Updated May 4, 2022
|2 min read

As you search for your dream job, there will likely be many roles that pique your interest. Whether you're looking for a company with great benefits or looking to work for a scrappy, new disruptor, searching for your next gig on Glassdoor is bound to show you all of the exciting opportunities, but one question may pop into your head: When's the last time I revamped my resume?

If the thought of updating and perfecting your resume causes you to break into sweats, you're not alone. The web offers innumerable resources, tools and tips on writing the best resume. There is no shortage of experts or resume writing services offering to design a resume that catches any recruiter's eye in just a few seconds. However, the keys to crafting a great resume are to hone in on your unique skills, convey your career narrative and quantifying the impact you've made.

Glassdoor's resume templates are optimized for applicant tracking systems and have been developed with recruiters and employers to provide the insight you need to find the job that fits your life. With the announcement of the Best Jobs in America, we're highlighting some of the coolest jobs and resume templates that are ready for you to download for free.

Software Engineer Resume Template
Financial Analyst Resume Template
Product Manager Resume Template