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The Resume/Profile/CV Tsunami – Hit by the Talent Wave

I am consulting with global companies designing talent sourcing, assessment and delivery flow efficiencies to fill specific executive corporate positions around the world. And because of our current economic backdrop and the shared – aggregated dispersal of a position posted, tweeted or discussed the flow of talent qualified and unqualified is overwhelming.

I have written practiced and made passionate speeches on the value of treating talent with graciousness and am frankly finding my personal tenets difficult to live up to. This concerns me for the sake of the talent and the perception of the recruitment brand.

How does talent overcome getting lost in the flow?

  • Submit through the appropriate channels
  • Immediately network to someone within the organization to get them to recommend you directly to the hiring authority
  • If you do not know anyone in the organization use Linkedin or other social networks to meet them and get their networking assistance
  • Leave VM or email for the company contact early in the am using calm optimistic gracious language
  • Be persistent but try not to interfere with daily work activities – the company is juggling a number of balls primarily dealing with the talent flow

We would like to hear what is working for you. How do you differentiate yourself from the crowd in the recruiting supply chain?

Personally I am frustrated with the flow from job boards and aggregators – they appear, to me, to cause more unqualified talent to submit for opportunities they can’t do but hope by some miracle to obtain. Next week we’ll deal with how companies can better manage or stem the tide. For now if you’re talent ‘in the job search flow’, stay focused and optimistic.

Note: A few have asked about the profile picture here…primarily why and what. Simple, name is Stringer…I fish.