Royal Bank of Scotland: Employees Reveal What It’s Really Like To Work On The Inside

Royal Bank of Scotland is rarely out of the headlines in the UK, and recently, the big bank made headlines again when the company’s plans to pay 200% bonuses were blocked by the Treasury. But working for an employer in the news so much can pose some challenges. So, what’s it really like to work at Royal Bank of Scotland? We turn to those who know best – the employees themselves – to get the inside track.

When looking at company reviews shared by employees on Glassdoor, RBS receives a 3.1 (OK) company rating based on 594 reviews (as at 29/04/14).  This is just below the average company rating of 3.2 on Glassdoor (based on the 300,000 companies featured). In fact, RBS is rated average or just below average across most workplace factor ratings, except work/life balance. Employees give RBS a 3.6 rating (satisfied) for work-life balance, compared to the Glassdoor average of 3.2.

Turning to salaries, the average annual base salary for a Business Analyst at RBS is £49,500 (based on 15 salary reports as at 28/04/14), while an Associate can earn quite a bit more with an average annual base salary of just over £59,000 (based on at least 20 salary reports as at 28/04/14).

Looking deeper into the reviews, here’s what some RBS employees say is working well and what needs improvement within the organization:

Benefits (pros) of working at RBS:

“The buzz around the office was great and colleagues were never too busy to help if you needed pointers.” – Fraud Analyst (Edinburgh, Scotland)

“Those who have a clear understanding of their responsibilities and consistently deliver quality product are very well regarded.” – Business Manager (London, England)

“Agile working has been a massive plus point of working at RBS with the ability to work at home 2-3 days a week.” – Marketing Manager (London, England)

“Friendly people; good salary in terms of experience.” – Debt Recovery Officer (Telford, England)

Downsides (cons) of working at RBS:

“Company has taken somewhat of a reputation beating recently and this transfers into the workplace.” – Customer Service Advisor (Glasgow, Scotland)

“Massive stress; culture of bullying; impossible targets; a monstrous organization.” – Customer Services Officer (Harrogate, England)

“Repeatedly having to watch bad press reports on failings, which really should not have happened.” Technical Lead (London, England)

“Incompetent leadership and questionable management.” Senior Change Analyst (Birmingham, England)

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