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Be A Ruler For A Day: First Job - Fix Recruiting!

Posted by Glassdoor Team

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November 9, 2009

I would like to take a break from talking about brand talent and how to put you in control of your career. We’ll get back to our regular programming later. But I feel like I have been talking at you, not with you. I am hoping that you will be kind enough to accept the mantle of power and become the recruiting dictator for a day.

Let’s put you in control not just of your career, but of the whole process. You are ruler for a day, and your wishes become other people’s commands. You are sick and tired of the way that the recruiting process treats you. No longer. You are determined to fix it. Luckily you have a great partner in Glassdoor, who is here to learn from you and share your insights and experiences with others. Tell us what you want to change, and how you want to change it:

Finding an Opportunity: Reading the Glassdoor interview pages I see that many of you learn about an opportunity through the Web. Some of you like that, some of you don’t. Now that you are ruler, you can tell us the best way to learn about opportunities that are a good fit for your interests and capabilities. And remember, as ruler you can ask for pretty much whatever you want, so think big and ask for the impossible.

Connecting with the Company: Nothing bothers a ruler more than being treated without respect. Before you were top banana you submitted resumes into an email or web vortex that consumed your hope along with your information. No longer: it’s payback time baby! You’re the big cheese, the grand kahuna. Make a decree about how all the companies under your benevolent reign should receive your expression of interest.


Response: The power is going to your head. You realize that this all-powerful despot thing has its advantages. You decide to put the most force and effort into proclaiming how companies should interact with candidates. No more of this “Don’t call us, we’ll call you!” baloney. Your subjects are people too, and they deserve the respect and care that you do. Auto-response emails? Off with their heads! Tell us how a company should communicate.

Interviewing: After the heady days of fixing the first three problems, you start to come down a little. Interviews are tough. Sometimes you like being challenged in an interview, other times you think the tough questions are a stupid waste of your time. Glassdoor’s interview site provides examples of the different approaches and styles that your subjects like. Now is the time to earn the crown:  How can a company ensure that you are the right fit AND AT THE SAME TIME have the process be rewarding and valuable for you too?

We, your humble servants, look forward to learning from you, the all powerful recruiting ruler. Please submit your demands in the comments section, and I will respond.