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Salary Freezes at Intel; Employees Show Satisfaction with Compensation

In an effort to stay afloat in today’s economy, many companies are now turning to salary freezes– either in lieu of or in addition to lay-offs. As a case in point, Intel announced salary freezes yesterday across the board, from the CEO on down. This follows the mass lay-offs of 6,000 people at Intel that occurred in January.

While it seems as though Intel is trying to do right by their employees with this salary freeze, to avoid laying-off more folks, it will be interesting to see how employees respond. Take a look below at how current Intel employees evaluate the company, its compensation & benefits and the CEO. We observe that employees are relatively satisfied but how will this change as a result of this action?

Glassdoor Report: Intel
Company Rating Company Rating: Compensation & Benefits CEO Name CEO Rating
Intel 3.5 3.6 Paul S. Otellini 62%

Here are some comments from employee reviews on how they view salaries at the company, both good and bad:

Good pay, secure but challenging job, excellent products – Engineering Manager (Santa Clara, CA)

Intel has always offered very good medical benefits, and bonuses that grow with your time n the company – Senior Software Engineer (Chandler, AZ)

With good pay, good benefits, you will meet a lot of interesting and highly skilled people at Intel – Program Analyst (Portland, OR)

There pay is not competitive to others in the same industry. The pay is not even competitive between employees. I have the same qualifications and do the exact same job as some of my peers and I  am paid 7$ a hour less than my nearest peer. And it has nothing to do with my work ethic. I have never received anything less than a exceeds expectations on a performance review – Maintenance Tech (Hillsboro, OR)

Pay is at best “poor” compared to the alternatives out there – Director

Will the current level company and compensation satisfaction prevail as the salary freeze takes effect, or will we see Intel employee reviews become more negative as they become less satisfied with a stagnant income level? 

Do you work at Intel? Let us know what you think of the salary freeze, and if you think management is handling the situation as best they can.