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SAP Employees More Satisfied Than Oracle Employees; Will It Help Them To Retain Customers Following Copyright Suit?

Last week news broke that German-based software company SAP faces $1.3 billion jury verdict for stealing Oracle’s intellectual property.  As the Associated Press reported, the jury in the case found that SAP’s behavior in plundering software and documents from rival Oracle Corp.’s secured websites was so egregious that it awarded Oracle nearly all of the damages it was seeking.

While SAP decides whether to appeal the decision, we turned to the employees to find out how these companies internal reputations are faring. To date, SAP holds a slightly higher company rating than Oracle, and SAP’s co-CEOs Bill McDermott and Jim Hagemann Snabe share an 81% approval rating, just three percentage points higher than Oracle CEO Larry Ellison.

But will SAP be able to persevere with its more satisfied workforce? Only time will tell.

In looking at more specific workplace satisfaction ratings, it’s interesting to note that SAP has a clear advantage when it comes to employee morale: SAP receives a 3.6 (satisfied) rating compared to Oracle’s 3.1 (OK) rating. It’s also worth pointing out that another strong area for SAP are ratings for fairness & respect: SAP receives a 3.2 (OK) rating and Oracle receives a 2.8 (OK) rating. Will SAP employee ratings hold as the impact of the suit and public notoriety sets in?

Curious what else employees have to say about working at these two companies? Below are some recent reviews shedding light on the culture within these companies.

In the SAP company reviews on Glassdoor, we find employees speaking highly about team culture, employee empowerment and notable brand name:

“Strong brand name, good reputation, good benefit, combination of business knowledge and technology skills, solid customer base, relax working environment,” – a SAP employee

“I’ve never seen a business where information is shared so freely among co-workers and teams. It’s a very entrepreneurial company, so you can really mold your experience here depending on what you are interested to do.” – SAP Solution Manager

“SAP is looking to change for the better – to empower employees, become more agile, sort out work life balance,” – SAP employee

Over at Oracle, employees write in about the senior leadership and the intense work ethic:

“Executive management is really strong at running a business and making it profitable.” – Oracle Principle Product Manager

“Great to participate in a winning company. Management is brilliant.” – Oracle employee

“Incredible, hard-working people, with great personalities and very strong work ethic; slackers are weeded out and don’t last.” – Oracle Senior Director

Do you work at SAP or Oracle? Share a company review and tell us what it’s like where you work. Does all this public and legal attention of your employer impact your job?