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Scammin and Jammin: The Face Of The New Career?

When I was in college low those many decades ago (still can’t believe I graduated in ‘79 – seems like yesterday) times were not easy. We had high interest rates, and if you could buy a house with 12 percent interest you were doing good as back then banks required 20 – 30 percent down. The unemployment rate was not as high as it is today but pretty darn close. And entry-level jobs were not easy to find. I was reminded of those days recently when I was having coffee with a couple of old friends and they were discussing their reliance on their ability to juke and jive – to find – or make work in order to make a buck.

One friend likes to buy, fix up and re-sell old cars while he also has contracts with a major telecommunications company to sell their hardware and solutions. Another friend has 10 websites where he makes extra money through advertising. And yet another makes money selling for a number of websites in a number of different fields.

Is this the new career – working a little bit here and there to make a living?

Back in college my good friend Bob and I called it scammin and jammin – whether we were running tickets for the Armadillo world headquarters, buying clothes from China to resell or running ski trips so we could go for free, we did what we had to do to make it. The common denominator between these efforts became clear; All these ‘work’ examples were fun. There was no ego, just pursuing activities that were fun. There was no comparing cars, houses or anything – work was/is the pursuit of activities enjoyed.

We seek work because we need it to sustain us – to pay bills. But do we ever think about sustaining ourselves through work we enjoy? Maybe we should measure our work by closing our eyes, thinking about it and see if we smile. If we do….well you get the point.

I’m smiling right now thinking about Willie, The Talking Heads and Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen at the Armadillo World Headquarters in Austin late 70’s. For those who don’t have a clue look it up. But for all those shows, they were free for me – I was simply scammin and jammin.