Schwab Employees Offer Advice to New CEO

Charles Schwab employees can no longer ‘Talk to Chuck‘.  Today, it was officially announced that Charles Schwab, co-founder of the Charles Schwab Corp. is stepping down as CEO after more than 37 years of building a financial empire.

According to, Schwab ranked moderately with a 67% CEO approval rating based on feedback from employees over the past few months.  So who do we talk to now?  Walter Bettinger.

Bettinger will serve as president and chief executive officer and a member of the board of directors effective Oct. 1, 2008.  (Note that Charles Schwab will retain his position as executive chairman of the Board of Directors.)  Although he is no stranger to running a major corporate entity, we thought Bettinger could use some advice based on the feedback of employees regarding what is working well and areas he should improve as he takes over the reigns:

Best things about working at Schwab:

  1. Competitive salary
  2. Competitive benefits with customizable options
  3. Great place to learn, grow and advance
  4. Flexible work from home policy
  5. Receptive to employee feedback and to making progressive changes

Employee suggestion box:

  1. Ramp up internal communication and rev up morale to help smooth out transition process caused from recent office and job relocation to Denver
  2. Take more risks and try innovative approaches to getting work done more efficiently
  3. Pick a course, stick with it, and go to client loyalty training with your employees in mind
  4. Don’t forget what set Schwab apart over the years – technology
  5. Just give people their severance package. Don’t use dirty tactics to force people out.

Anyone who has posted a salary or review on can see more information about the Charles Schwab Corporation here.  If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?