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6 Unspoken Rules of Promotions That No One Tells You About

Employee turnover is expensive for companies. In fact, turnover costs businesses more than the average promotion. According to research, replacing an employee who quits...

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Glassdoor Team

Sep 24, 2018

Should You Accept a Promotion If You’re Planning on Quitting?

Striking the balance between nurturing and building a career at your current company while still being open to new opportunities can be stressful. When...

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Glassdoor Team

May 16, 2018

The Sneaky Way Your Boss Is Trying to Say “You’re on the Promotion Track”

Having a professional role that both engages and challenges you is a cornerstone of job fit. Savvy managers are aware of this, and make...

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Eileen Hoenigman Meyer

Feb 15, 2018

How Much Is Your Promotion *Really* Worth?

So you got a promotion. Congratulations! But are you feeling unsure about how great that raise, title change, or additional benefit actually is? Maybe you’re...

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Julia Malacoff

Jul 14, 2017

How to Ensure Your Promotion Ahead of Review Time

Have you been working hard lately — putting in long hours, picking up extra projects and helping your boss with their workload? Have you...

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Glassdoor Team

Jul 12, 2017

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