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How To Show An Employer You're Relevant To The Job

We seek work or we work. Work rewards us financially and for some in deeper personal more meaningful ways. Whatever your work situation, it is important you insure you are relevant to the company you work for or for those you meet during your job search. To insure you are perceived as relevant by those you work with and meet, it requires a few steps:

Take the time to research and understand the company goals. If they are not made available to you make the time and effort to ask. Not only will your efforts be noticed, you will understand how well you align with your work or the opportunity.

Learn the market. In other words make the effort to know the competition and where your company stands. Glassdoor certainly provides information to know specific companies for the inside and should be used, but extend your research to the complete market. You will find this effort extremely useful with peers and managers at lunch or in casual conversation and the value in an interview situation is obvious.

Create a plan. Use the information you learn to set a life plan for the work you do. It doesn’t matter your level or the work that you do. Many successful executives know their market but make decisions on the serendipitous call from the headhunter, while others have outlined the specific company and situation they want. The latter makes decision-making easier and when understood by prospective hiring companies, increases the desire to recruit the talent, after all she knows what she wants and is working on a plan. The same can be said for the customer service representative, administrator, HR generalists or any other position we can name.

Using what we know increases how relevant we are to the company we serve or the search we are on. It just takes a little time and research. Yes, the point is obvious, but not all make the effort.

Make the time, do the work to insure you are relevant and pursue your work with confidence.