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SHRM Annual Conference Evaluates HR in Changing Economy

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) kicked off their 61st Annual Conference this week amidst the 80-90 degree heat in New Orleans.  The SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition is a chance for HR professionals, academics and businesses to gather and learn new strategies and techniques for improving the workplace. The conference this year focuses on HR leadership for the economy.

Speaking topics range from “Innovate or Perish! 10 Tips to Improve Your HR Processes” to “The Future of Online Recruiting: Why Job Boards and Facebook Are Only Gateways to What Is Ahead.” Are you at SHRM 2009? Tell us how it’s going and what some of the important takeaways are for HR professionals in these next few months and years.

If you’re not at SHRM’s annual conference this year, here are some highlights from Twitter that show what’s catching the interest of conference attendees:

@recruiterdude says “complacency is the exact opposite of urgency” quoting this morning’s Keynote speaker John Kotter, a Harvard Business School Professor widely regarded as the world’s foremost authority on leadership and change.

A tweet from loismelbourne also comments on Kotter’s keynote: “#SHRM09 Kotter – bad times do not create urgency.”

Lisalotzer reiterates Kotter’s list of priorities HR should focus on “1-increase urgency, 2-build team, 3-get vision right, 4-communicate for buy-in”

Knessing writes: “Be bold, be brave, etc. say presenters. Agreed! But most companies won’t hire HR people with new ideas. They prefer sheep. #SHRM09”

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