Career Advice

Signs You’re Ready To Change Jobs

It’s been almost three years since the beginning of the Great Recession and, while unemployment is still high, the “Churn” that was predicted has begun, which means more people are considering leaving for a better job or different position.

If you’re thinking about seeking out a new job, first consider where you are now, how much you are invested in the company and why you want to leave. Take time to make a prudent decision – don’t just follow colleagues out the door because it seems the thing to do after these last three dreadful years.  Check out these questions to determine just how invested you are at your current company and if a job change is a smart move right now.

  • How many people from the company would you want at your wedding? – It doesn’t matter if you are already married or will never get married, the limited invite list is a great litmus test for how much you enjoy hanging with the people at work….or not.
  • When was the last time you bragged about the company to your friends outside of work? – We brag about the things we are into.  Think about it:  If we are into the TV series  “Justified”  then we tell everyone about it and try to get them to watch too so we can talk about what happened in the latest episode.  Do you do the same with your job or your company?
  • What do you really care to know about your boss and/or the CEO? – If you are curious about who the people are behind the roles, or not, then that tells you something.
  • What’s in the weekend wardrobe? – Are you wearing the company logo-wear out on the weekends?  If the closet is full of your company clothes then that says that you do care.
  • Do you ‘dislike’ or ‘kinda like’ the competition? – I once worked at a company where we were given doormats of the competitions logo.  Almost every house of my co-workers, mine included used these on their front stoop.  If you work for HP but run all Apple at home….well, ‘nuff said.
  • Have you memorized the Company Values, Mission and Vision statement? – If you really are into the company, you go all in.  If the values, mission and vision statement mean something to you, you will take extra effort in your work and care at a deeper level what the company does and how well company does it.

This is not like a Cosmo or Men’s Health quiz where a certain score makes you rabid about your company and a lower score symbolizes it’s nothing but a job to you.  That said, these can be indicators of whether or not you are ready to leave the company for someplace else.  There is no shame in tenure and longevity with a company.  If you are growing, developing and are really into what you do, then there is no reason to think you have to make a change.