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Your Office Wants To Be In Pictures! Submit A Photo On Glassdoor, Get A Chance At $500

Want to know what the office in Dubai or Dublin has that you don’t?  Imagine heading to a job interview and want to get your bearings before even setting foot there. Glassdoor can help with our newest feature that brings new meaning to “a picture is worth a thousand words” – Office Photos.

Let’s take Yahoo! for example. On Glassdoor, you can now see photos of common workspace areas, the Sunnyvale coffee bar, what it looks like on a Hack Day and the purple and yellow bull with a computer in its mid-section in the main reception area.

Or, check out Zillow’s downtown Seattle office and see the kitchen and rec area with not one, but two ping pong tables for those much-needed mental breaks.

We need your help – you could win $500 for your office photos

We invite you to upload photos of your workplaces….and spaces.  Anything goes, really — the company cafeteria, lobby area, break room, conference rooms, cubicles or offices, gym, nursing rooms, CEO’s office, board room – you name it. We’re looking for whatever areas you think either best represent your company and its culture.

And as we get this feature going, we are giving away $500 to one lucky individual who submits some of the most interesting workplace photos. (See below for contest rules)

How to upload your office photos (and a few guidelines):

  • You must first be a registered user who has contributed at least one of the following anonymously – a company review, job interview review or salary report.  (If you are not yet a member, it takes just a few minutes and the information you leave, helps others. To get started, create an anonymous account)
  • Once registered, login to Glassdoor and enter a company name into the search field
  • Select the photos tab
  • Choose the photos you want to upload (up to 10 at a time) (Please  keep in mind that each photo must be no larger than 5MB and must be a: JPG, GIF, PNG or BMP file)
  • Add a caption (optional), up to 200 characters and note the country or city where the photos were taken (optional, but really really helpful).  Please note captions must adhere to Glassdoor’s community guidelines.
  • Your submission will be anonymous, but you have option to enter attribution for photos, just remember anything you enter will be public on the Web! So we suggest something generic like YHOOHR, or SFengineer.
  • You must also certify you have the rights to share the images.

And, remember, this is a anonymous community so if you want to upload photos of you and/or your coworkers, make sure you’re courteous and have their permission to share.

When your photos have been uploaded, our content team will review each photo for appropriateness. We reserve the right to reject ones that don’t meet this threshold or do not represent work locations. (So, the Friday night happy hour at a local pub where your boss is dancing on a table is not going to fly).  As with any contribution, we’ll also be relying on our community to keep it clean.  Any photo can be flagged for any reason (i.e. inappropriate, not a work space of the company, etc.) and we’ll review.

Once published or you see other photos you like, you can share them via Facebook or Twitter. Plus if you think a certain photo will be beneficial to others for whatever reason, tell your fellow users by clicking the ‘helpful’ button at the bottom of each photo.

We look forward to seeing what it’s like where you work. Curious what it’s like at Glassdoor? Come look inside.

Plus tell us what you think of this new feature and any other features you’d like to see us add in the future.

Photo Contest Rules: No purchase necessary to enter or win $500. You must be a U.S. resident over the age of 18. One (1) entry per person. The contest will begin on May 25, 2010 and end on July 31, 2010. The Winner will be drawn at random from all eligible entries and notified by e-mail. All Contest participants agree to be bound by the Official Rules. Sponsored by Glassdoor. To receive a copy of the Official Rules, contact us online via or send a self-addressed stamped envelope to:  Glassdoor –Photo Upload Contest, 3 Harbor Drive #211, Sausalito, CA 94965. Please specify “Listed Winner(s)” or “Rules” on your request. WA and VT residents may omit return postage.