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Sprints Signs Deal with Ericsson: Sprint Employees to become Ericsson Employees

Sprint Nextel Corp. has agreed to pay up to $5 billion the next seven years to TelTeLM Ericsson Telephone Co., turning over day-to-day operations of its network to the Swedish telecommunications company as Sprint looks to focus on new products and customer retention, according to the Wall Street Journal. Sprint commented that as a result of this deal about 6,000 Sprint employees will start performing their network functions as Ericsson employees sometime in the third quarter.

Could this be a good thing for Sprint employees? Just 10% of Ericsson employees disapprove of the job CEO Carl-Henric Svanberg is doing compared to the nearly 25% of Sprint employees who disapprove of CEO Dan Hesse, so perhaps this switch could be a good thing in the long run.

Glassdoor Report: Ericsson & Sprint
Company Company Rating CEO CEO Approval Rating (%) CEO Disapproval
Rating (%)
Ericsson 3.3 Carl-Henric Svanberg 55 10
Sprint 2.8 Dan Hesse 48 23

Below are just a few of the recent comments from Sprint employees in regards to what needs work at the company and  for those moving over to Ericsson, a few tips from employees on what to look out for:

Sprint Employees

“The company is focused on things that will not improve the company. Instead of setting up fly by night policies and focus on what customers really want, the company wouldn’t be in such a bad state. (new phones)” – Sprint Nextel Assistant Store Manager

“Dan Hesse needs to be replaced as well as any individual that is in a leadership position that still has attitude issues towards legacy

Sprint or Nextel. Try to actually do something innovative rather than saying something is when it isn’t (i.e. Simply Everything is Simply Old-Hat). Be a leader in the field instead of a follower.” Sprint Nextel Site Development Manager

Ericsson Employees

“There is a lot of stress from work load due to downsizing and constantly changing processes. Competence training is available but little time to take advantage of it. There are advancement opportunities but cliches in mid-management leave little real opportunities. Jobs are usually filled by manager’s friends before job is posted.” – Ericsson Project Manager

“Employees professionalism is average. There is no motivation when you are not working in a winning team. Employees opinions are not taking into consideration. Lack of management communication.” – Ericsson Anonymous

“Ericsson is poised for leadership in its field. Capitalize on it, grow profitably but understand what resources are needed to do so.” – Ericsson Sales Director