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Sun Finds a Buyer: Is Anyone Surprised?

WSJ reported IBM is considering a $6.5 billion cash bid for Sun, a nearly 100 percent premium to its Tuesday close. Sun had reportedly been shopping itself to larger rivals for some time. 

Reviews show that a potential buyout was not exactly a well-kept secret… 

A marketing manager at Sun recently reported on that “Sun is now becoming a fading light and is slowly eroding. It is being overshawdowed by IBM, HP and others.” In addition a Sun Product Manager describes the company as “A Shadow of its former self” 

Also it’s interesting to note that Sun’s CEO Jonathan Swartz is among the 50 lowest rated CEOs (with at least 25 reviews) based on employee feedback.

Glassdoor Report: IBM & Sun
  Company Rating CEO Name CEO Rating
IBM 3.2 Samuel J. Palmisano
Sun 3.1 Jonathan I. Schwartz

Over the past few months, we have reported on various buyout and CEO transitions. Kara Swisher, who called this deal between Sun and IBM a few weeks ago, says more big tech deals could be on the way, including a possible pairing between Google and Twitter.  Big things are yet to come down the pike, and Glassdoor’s finger will be on the pulse of what the employees have to say.