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7 Surprising AI-Related Jobs

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In the span of just a couple of decades, artificial intelligence — or AI — has gone from far-fetched theory to a small, but booming field employing more and more people each year. Some of the most popular roles in the field probably won’t come as a surprise (like AI Software Engineer, AI Data Scientist and AI Research Scientist), but there are a number of other jobs being created that you have likely never even thought of before.

“Just as AI is making some older jobs obsolete by automating things previously done by a person, AI is also opening up new business channels and creating new jobs along the way,” said Glassdoor Chief Economist Dr. Andrew Chamberlain in a new report on AI jobs and hiring. “In general, technological advances almost always end up creating more jobs than they destroy — sometimes in unexpected areas.”

Wondering what those unexpected areas are? Take a look at the seven open positions below. Whether you’re a creative, a strategist or a techie, there’s something for all sorts of different interests and skill sets.

1. AI Chatbot CopywriterWade & Wendy

Company Rating: 4.1

Location: New York, NY

About the Job: Ever have a conversation with Siri when you’re bored? Her helpful tips and clever quips don’t just come out of nowhere — they were all written by real people. In this position at Wade & Wendy, you’d be tasked with something similar: “creating the personality and language of our artificially intelligent hiring heroes. You’ll have to cleverly write within tight constraints, while driving an awesome, wow-ing experience for candidates and helping really dig deep into the fundamental questions about what makes someone tick.”

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2. Principal Engineer, Artificial IntelligenceNFL

Company Rating: 3.7

Location: Culver City, CA

About the Job: Think all AI jobs are in the tech industry? Think again. Industries as varied as retail, automotive and entertainment are all hiring for roles in artificial intelligence, as the NFL proves. Within this position, you would “develop methods to leverage artificial intelligence, including machine learning and deep learning, to improve NFL products and create new products and tools.”

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3. Autonomous Vehicle TrainerCruise

Company Rating: 4.8

Location: San Francisco, CA

About the Job: Autonomous vehicles may be self-driving, but they’re not self-taught. Before they can learn how to navigate the roads on their own, they need somebody behind the wheel monitoring their performance, and occasionally taking over when necessary. In this role, Cruise says you’ll “test and improve the performance of our driverless cars! You should have strong attention to detail along with an excellent driving record. Professionalism and sound judgment are required at all times, as well as the ability to work in a team setting. You’ll be expected to keep certain project details confidential.”

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4. Emerging Technology Advisor Financial Services Consultant (RPA, Blockchain, AI, Cloud)Accenture

Company Rating: 3.8

Location: Chicago, IL

About the Job: Technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace, and while many companies want to leverage these new capabilities, they often need guidance on how to implement them. Enter: Emerging Tech Consultants. In this role, you’ll “advise upon, design, develop and/or deliver technology solutions that support best practice business changes” and ultimately “build a rewarding career with excellent benefits at Accenture.”

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5. Artificial Intelligence/FutureTech Investigative ReporterThe New York Times

Company Rating: 3.6

Location: New York, NY

About the Job: While people often fear AI’s ability to replace human jobs, this position is one that the robots won’t be able to take over anytime soon. This job lies at the intersection of art and science, perfect for an experienced writer with unending intellectual curiosity. If hired, you would “investigate how algorithms, artificial intelligence, robots and technology are influencing our lives, our businesses, our privacy and the future” and “[tell] stories through multiple mediums including interactive graphics, virtual reality, audio, video and of course the written word.”

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6. Product Marketing Manager, AIUdacity

Company Rating: 4.5

Location: Mountain View, CA

About the Job: With how rapidly artificial intelligence is advancing, it’s no surprise that more and more people are interested in entering the field. With this job, you would “lead the growth of our AI Nanodegree programs,” Udacity says. “These programs (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning) are some of our most popular offerings, so this role is critical to the [company’s] future success – both by expanding their audiences and by informing the development of the next generation of cutting-edge Nanodegrees.”

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7. Business Development Manager, AIFacebook

Company Rating: 4.6

Location: Menlo Park, CA

About the Job: One of the coolest things about AI is its virtually limitless potential — and with this role at Facebook, you’d be responsible for exploring those possibilities by researching and executing on AI and machine learning partnerships. In this job, you would “create high-impact strategy and business plan for growing Facebook leadership in AI ecosystem; lead cross-functional team to formulate, negotiate and execute key partnership deals; build strong relationship with partner’s senior leadership team and represent partnership context to internal leadership/sponsors.”

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