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SURVEY: 39% Of Americans Think A Change In The White House Will Positively Affect Job Creation

As President Obama and the presumed Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney prepare to face each other in the general election, one of the biggest hot-button issues each will have to address is the economy…and how to fix it.

Glassdoor, a social jobs and career community, has released the results of a new survey revealing how Americans think the result of this race for the White House will affect job creation, which issues they think the candidates should focus on when it comes to improving the outlook for jobs and unemployment, and how these opinions vary by gender.

  What do you think should be the most important jobs and employment related issue in this election? Will a change in the White House signal a positive or negative outlook for job creation? Share your thoughts below.

To see more results from the recent survey, read our press release.

Methodology: Ipsos poll conducted March 16-18, 2012. For the survey, a national sample of 2,013 adults aged 18 and older from Ipsos’ U.S. online panel were interviewed online, including 555 Democrats, 570 Republicans, 479 Independents and 180 not registered to vote. Weighting was then employed to balance demographics and ensure that the sample’s composition reflects that of the U.S. adult population according to Census data and to provide results intended to approximate the sample universe. A survey with an unweighted probability sample of this size, the results are considered accurate within ±2.18 percentage points when it comes to the entire sample 19 times out of 20, of what they would have been had the entire population of adults aged 18 and older in the U.S. had been polled. All sample surveys and polls may be subject to other sources of error, including, but not limited to coverage error, and measurement error.