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Survey: Office Workers Want More Telecommuting, Flexible Schedules

During early October, it was “Improve Your Office” Day and in honor of the momentous occasion, the office supply giant Staples conducted a survey to find out what office workers REALLY want in order to improve their office experiences.

In order of importance, here’s what they found:

  1. Eliminate office politics
  2. More telecommuting options
  3. Upgraded computers and technology
  4. Better office furniture
  5. More private work areas
  6. More flexible work schedules

The best thing about the first and second-place demands for Improve Your Office day is that by implementing more telecommuting options, you can actually reduce the annoyance of office politics! A survey from this past summer found that one of the top three reasons that telecommuters are happier is because they are less exposed to office politicking. – Originally posted on FlexJobs by Brie Reynolds