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Why You Should Sweat The Small Stuff In A Job Hunt

The book “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” was a bestseller and helped a lot of people get over their controlling and high anxiety nature.  But, when it comes to being in the hunt for a new job, I would encourage everyone to be sure and “sweat the small stuff” and ensure a high attention to detail.

I was recently helping a senior executive in a job search. I made the referral to a search firm who had the perfect job for this executive. The recruiter was very enthusiastic and quickly scheduled interviews that accommodated the candidate’s scheduling needs. The CEO changed his schedule and others on his team in order to meet the candidate’s request. The candidate flew in, interviewed and received a true first-class experience with the best of everything. The feedback was positive and the CEO wanted to continue on with the discussions but was “troubled” by something that he couldn’t put his finger on.

After a week, the CEO and the recruiter were talking and the CEO said that he had figured out what was bothering him; he had been left with the feeling that after all of the accommodations that had been made for the candidate a spirit of gratitude was missing. The candidate came across as being too self-centered and disconnected to the culture of the company.  The CEO told the recruiter that a thank-you note from the candidate after the interview could have rectified the feeling and would have gone a long way. The sad part was the candidate really wanted the job and had no idea that this small detail could have made the difference in getting the job.

It’s a small example, but it is a real example that the small stuff does matter.  So think about what you can do to come across as someone who is detail oriented, and is thankful for the small things that are done for you. Don’t miss the opportunity to show the company, whether you want the job or not, you are appreciative of the experience and the time and energy they expended on you.  That lasting impression could be the difference between what the people you meet say about you, or not say about you in the future.