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VIDEO: 3 Minute Recap from Glassdoor's Pay Equality Roundtable Discussion

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Last Updated October 27, 2017

This morning’s roundtable on equal pay marked an open, authentic and heartfelt discussion on ways to close the gender gap, and promote fair pay in public and private sectors. Hundreds of people joined in person and several thousand tuned in to the livestream to hear from our esteemed panel, led by Diane Brady and featuring Hillary Clinton, Robert Hohman, Megan Rapinoe, Tracy Sturdivant, Dan Henkle, and Lori Nishiura Mackenzie. The discussion ranged from the issues behind the inequity in salary to ways companies and the government can help solve the gap.

A few of our favorite moments from the conversation:

  • “Perhaps the biggest myth of all is that we can’t solve these problems. Well, I absolutely think that we will. Other countries have made it easier for women to be mothers, to have careers, to be caretakers and have careers. They know it’s foolish to have half of their population out of use. If we want to compete in the global economy, we have to make it possible for everyone to work.” - Hillary Clinton, former U.S. Secretary of State
  • The world’s not going to get less transparent. This is a trend that is one way. Companies that get in front of this, that embrace this and begin to look at this data, and take action will have a disproportionate advantage when it comes to hiring. No matter who you are or what your job is, we are passionate about you finding a job and company you love and getting paid equally for it." - Robert Hohman, Glassdoor CEO & co-founder
  • “There is a role for employers to play, but there is also a role for people to play. There is a cultural shift that needs to happen so people can say that it’s ok to have this conversation.” - Tracy Sturdivant, co-founder & co-executive director of Make It Work
  • “I think we as a team have a keen understanding of our platform right now and around the platform of women’s equality, and we love to share that load.” - Megan Rapinoe, World Cup Champion & Olympic Gold Medalist
  • “But you don’t get to pay equality by accident – you really have to be thinking about your promotions, your hiring, your pay decision – you actually have to think about it every step of the way.” - Dan Henkle, president, Gap Foundation & SVP of global sustainability of Gap Inc.

There were many great insights shared over the hour – You can catch the replay of the entire event here.

Or, check out our 3 minute recap:


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Photo Credit: Mark Von Holden, AP for Glassdoor 


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