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Is Target A Good Place To Work?

If you live within driving distance of a Target store, chances are that you shop there on a regular basis. Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a part of the Target Nation?  We’ve got the scoop on what’s it like to hit the bull’s eye and work within the walls of the retail giant. Currently, Target garners a 3.1 (neutral) company rating based on more than 650 employee reviews, and CEO Gregg W. Steinhafel earns a 41% approval rating and 19% disapproval rating.

In our featured Review of the Month, one Target employee dishes on what’s working and what’s not, giving the company a 2.0 rating (dissatisfied), which is notably lower than the total average of all employees who have rated the company on Glassdoor.

Here are some highlights from the Review of the Month you may find interesting:


  • Usually good people working with you, possibly as a result of the personality tests people are subjected to pre-employment
  • Full Medical/Vision/Dental available at a relatively inexpensive cost to the employee
  • Opportunities to transfer to stores nationwide


  • Low pay, although I suppose that’s the standard for the retail industry… It certainly won’t even pay your most basic bills during the “down time” seasons and you’ll need a second job at a minimum
  • Very few promotional opportunities currently, as they eliminate leadership positions when they are vacated, or hire from outside often
  • Leadership at the Albuquerque store (although not at my San Diego store… much better there) was somewhat condescending and the work there was much more menial… typically just “zoning” which is making the shelves and sales floor area look neat, for hours on end

The reviewer closes out the review by noting:I am a college-educated, hard working, high achieving employee, and you guys lost me due to a lack of promotional opportunity and a failure to help me meet my most basic needs through lack of hours and extremely rare raises.”

Do you work at Target or another retailer? Let us know about your experience and how you would rate the employer.