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11 Tech Companies With Awesome Work-Life Balance

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When you hear the phrase “tech companies,” you may picture a lot of people hunched over their computers into the wee hours of the morning. In order for your company to grow, the thinking goes, the entire company has to be hustling constantly. And often, that means that friends, family and free time take a backseat. But what if it didn’t have to be that way?

Well, the truth is, it doesn’t. There are a number of tech companies who have seen incredible success without having to work their employees to the bone. These organizations have mastered balancing work with play, and they have a great time doing it.

Want to enter an exciting industry, but still clock out at a reasonable hour? Check out these 11 companies below.

Sprout Social

Work-Life Balance Rating: 4.9

Where Hiring: Chicago

What They Do: “Sprout Social develops and delivers social media engagement, advocacy, and analytics solutions for over 19,000 leading brands and agencies around the world.”

What Employees Say: “You cannot beat the people, the culture, or the work/life balance Sprout Social gives you! I have never worked with a more hard-working, talented group of people! I look forward to coming to work every morning.” —Current Employee

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Work-Life Balance Rating: 4.9

Where Hiring: Chattanooga, TN; Walnut Creek, CA

What They Do: “With Skuid’s simple-to-use but incredibly robust cloud design-and-deploy platform, companies can seamlessly unite their data, apps, and processes to unleash productivity and engagement, particularly in sales organizations.”

What Employees Say: “Incredible people who are brilliant, competitive, risk-takers, and genuinely want to see the entire team/company succeed. Company culture and traditions are unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Skuid’s management understands that treating employees well motivates a great work ethic.” —Current Sales Data Research Specialist

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Work-Life Balance Rating: 4.5

Where Hiring: San Francisco, Texas (remote)

What They Do: “We build powerful software to help contractors, owners, designers and architects around the world finish their projects on time and under budget.”

What Employees Say: “The business is very easy to understand, and while the product has many different platforms, they all work in the same way. It’s easy to contribute and make a high impact on the project you’re working on.” —Current Employee

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Unity Technologies

Work-Life Balance Rating: 4.6

Where Hiring: San Francisco; Bellevue, WA; Los Angeles; Austin, TX and more

What They Do: “Unity Technologies is the creator of a flexible and high-performance end-to-end development platform used to create rich interactive 2D, 3D, VR and AR experiences.”

What Employees Say: “AR/VR, personal growth, HR and employee wellness, luminaries, campus in the heart of SF, culture, diversity. Unity is growing rapidly and probably the best place for people who want to work alongside talented developers and designers.” —Former Finance Employee

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The Trade Desk

Work-Life Balance Rating: 4.7

Where Hiring: Ventura, CA; New York; Boulder, CO; Chicago and more

What They Do: “The Trade Desk powers the most sophisticated buyers in advertising technology.”

What Employees Say: “Morale is generally great, and it’s a very positive environment. People in every department believe in what we’re doing. The positivity is often infectious.” —Current Software Engineer

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SailPoint Technologies

Work-Life Balance Rating: 4.7

Where Hiring: Austin, TX; Dallas; Minnesota (field); Pennsylvania (field)

What They Do: “As the fastest-growing, independent identity and access management (IAM) provider, SailPoint helps hundreds of global organizations securely and effectively deliver and manage user access.”

What Employees Say: “At this company, you are valued, no matter what position you hold. The leaders are wicked smart, intuitive, and kind. All employees have opportunities to grow professionally as well.” —Current Office Administrator

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Work-Life Balance Rating: 4.7

Where Hiring: San Francisco; New York; Chicago

What They Do: “Demandbase, the leader in Account-Based Marketing (ABM), offers the only end-to-end ABM platform.”

What Employees Say: “Management has set a bold vision, and the new Product org is making it a reality. Lots of opportunities for advancement throughout the organization. A fun, lively group with lots of positive energy.” —Current Employee

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Work-Life Balance Rating: 4.8

Where Hiring: Santa Barbara, CA; Jacksonville, FL

What They Do: “As the leading developer of paperless payment software, PayJunction has eliminated the need to file away paper receipts.”

What Employees Say: “Very relaxed environment, unlike most sales environments where people can be [cutthroat]. At PayJunction and Sales specifically, we are like a family that truly wants to help and see each other succeed. Dogs are allowed here, and we get lunches every Friday!” —Current Senior Business Development Representative

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Work-Life Balance Rating: 4.8

Where Hiring: Atlanta, GA

What They Do: “We are eVestment, and we make smart money smarter. We are about giving institutional investors as much big data as they need to make smart investment decisions.”

What Employees Say: “I think the overall picture is that everyone at eVestment, including the executives, act like mature, responsible adults in every fashion. This leads to better communication, better work, and a better workplace. It’s what makes eVestment a fantastic place to work at.” —Current Software Engineer

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Health Catalyst

Work-Life Balance Rating: 4.7

Where Hiring: Salt Lake City

What They Do: “The Health Catalyst data warehouse combines… architecture with a set of sophisticated analytic applications to enable our customers to realize measurable value within months of deploying our solutions.”

What Employees Say: “Love working for a company [whose] mission is to make improvements in the healthcare industry which in turn should improve peoples’ lives. Love my co-workers and how well we work together. We can work from home as much as we like. We have opportunities to learn and develop our careers. To top it all we have unlimited PTO and we are trusted to be responsible with it.” —Current Senior Software Engineer

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Work-Life Balance Rating: 4.8

Where Hiring: Santa Barbara, CA; Austin, TX

What They Do: “LogicMonitor® is an automated, SaaS-based IT performance monitoring platform that provides the end-to-end visibility and actionable data needed to manage complex and agile IT environments.”

What Employees Say: “The people here are bright, collaborative, and embrace a big future. Everyone is working together towards a common goal and we are celebrating the many successes along the way. We work really hard but support each other and make sure to incorporate lots of laughs every day.” —Current Employee

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Methodology: This list features a selection, in no particular order, of companies that have at least 30 work-life balance ratings above a 4.0, according to full and part-time employees over the past year (7/17/16 – 7/18/17). Company ratings on Glassdoor based on a 5.0 scale: 1.0=very dissatisfied, 3.0=OK, 5.0=very satisfied.

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