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Tech Company Staffing Guru Answers Top 10 Questions For Your Job Search

This week we ask Craig Campbell, Director of Talent Acquisition at Dolby Laboratories), ten key questions to help you in your job search. Prior to Dolby, he recruited at Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks and MGM Mirage. Craig is an expert in both the sourcing side and the recruiting side of the business.  You can learn more about Craig on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter.

I especially like Craig’s response on the question “I have never hired a candidate who…”  This gets back to the point I made in a previous post about getting recruiters to invest in you: you have to know what lights your fire, your real passion. This will make or break your success with many recruiters.

The dumbest thing a candidate ever told me… “I got fired because the company was bad at tracking vacation, so I took a couple months off.”

I go the extra mile for a candidate when… I know they’re very smart and talented with high potential, but the timing is bad.

I prefer referrals because… If it’s a former colleague they have direct experience with how the candidate works and feel committed to their referral’s success.

The best way to turn a bad interview around is…  Ask the interviewer about their passion. If that doesn’t work, it may not be worth turning around.

My favorite source for great talent is…  My competitors who have successfully gone to market or crazy driven college recruits.

The optimal length of a resume is… One page, but I don’t ding people for more than that.

When I read a resume / profile I look for...  Scope of impact, scope of influence, and quantitative & qualitative results.

I read the objective section of a resume because... If done right the candidate’s objective mirrors the hiring manager’s objective.

I have never hired a candidate who…  Didn’t convince me that they really enjoyed what they do.

The one thing I wish candidates understood is…. Sometimes timing is everything.

Thanks Craig!

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