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Ten Job Search Networking Pointers

We’ve all experienced the resume black hole most companies extend as their welcome mat at their corporate career sites. It’s a bad experience for the candidate as we’ve written in a recent post and it’s very bad for the corporate brand.  We will see companies realize the career site experience is an incredible marketing channel opportunity for customers and brand influencers (hopefully a few VPs of Marketing are taking note!).  The good news is that over time companies will realize the value because the cost of acquiring and retaining customers or successfully promoting a brand is increasing, and finding channels with more effective results are imperatives coming from the Board Room…(hopefully a few CEOs are listening!).

In the meantime candidates need to find ways to successfully network into companies so they can establish relationships with hiring authorities and hopefully get in line for that next opportunity.

Here are a few pointers that may help…I cannot guarantee success but have used these suggestions myself.

  • Stop looking for open positions (that is what everyone else is doing)
  • Choose the functional title you will report to
  • List the companies with phone numbers you wish to work for
  • Call the company at 7:45am or 5:35pm and connect with anyone you can
  • Ask to speak with the functional title you are interested in contacting
  • Ask for the correct spelling of the name
  • Wait to be connected
  • If you get VM leave a short message giving your name, apologize you did not connect and that you will call back the next day
  • If you connect, ask for their help and tell them you are interested in working for the company (give two sound reasons)
  • Be quiet and listen

You will not be successful on every call but remember it just takes a few connections to get the ball rolling. And remember our blogs on the importance of a positive attitude – be pleasant.

Give these pointers a shot and best of luck!