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The Best and Worst Times to Job Hunt by Season

Posted by Glassdoor Team

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August 27, 2018
|3 min read

When you have long-term career goals, job-hunting is more than a matter of making a slightly higher salary or having a slightly shorter commute. It’s about finding the role that will help you grow, whether it’s taking on new responsibilities, learning and applying new skills, or entering entirely new fields.

With that in mind, job-hunting is an ongoing and potentially never-ending process. Still, some times of the year are generally better than others to get a new job. We break it down by seasons so you know what to expect while searching for that next key position:

Summer: Keep a Steady Pace

During the summer, hiring slows down, but that doesn’t mean you should. Sure, there won’t be as many opportunities, but there won’t be as much competition either. For career-focused individuals, summer may be that best time to job-hunt. So take some time in June, July, and August to work on your resume, build your network, and keep your stream of job applications from drying up.

Fall: Pick Up the Pace

Come fall, most people have finished with vacation and business ramps up again. It’s also the time when many organizations take a good look at their financial performance and buckle down on budget planning for the next year. They’re making all kinds of decisions that lead to job openings – not only to replace workers who resign or retire, but to fill positions that haven’t existed before, that require specialized skills. The fall — September, October, November — is a prime job-hunting season, so make the most of it.

Winter: Slow Down If You Need To

Job-hunting in the winter is a mixed bag. If you’re job-hunting, there’s no perfect time (or reason) to stop looking, but if you’re going to take a break, this is probably the best time to do it. The surge of hiring activity in the fall drops off significantly during the holiday season, roughly December through the mid-January. On the other hand, the New Year is a time when lots of people resolve to find a new job. By the time February rolls around, workers are shuffling to new jobs, creating openings that organizations need to fill. Make sure you’re ready when that happens.

Spring: Ramp It Up Again

Comparable to the fall, spring coincides with organizations’ needs for new employees. Through March, April and May, companies are filling positions left open by workers who made good on their New Year’s resolution to take new jobs. They’re also trying to get positions filled before summer vacations start happening and hiring naturally slows down. If you took a break from job-hunting during the winter, now is the time to devote your restored energy to finding your next great opportunity.

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