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The Best Retail Companies to Work for

Posted by Glassdoor Team

Career Advice Experts

January 11, 2019

If you work—or would like to work—in retail, then look no further than this list. Compiled from our Best Places to Work in 2019 list, these are the eight best retail companies to work for, receiving high marks from Glassdoor users for their benefits, company culture, senior leadership, and so much more. These companies also offer great career opportunities—and of course, tons of open jobs. Check them out below, and apply now to find your dream job.

1. lululemon

Overall Rating: 4.2

Open Roles: Educator, Store Manager, Warehouse Team Lead, Key Leader, Assistant Manager, and more


What Employees Say: “It is an environment where you learn not only about the company, but about yourself. It is a place where you grow every day you work there. The other employees and management are encouraging of your dreams and aspirations and will help you achieve it any way they can. They make the work environment fun and a place where you want to go to work every day.” — Current Employee

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2. Trader Joe’s

Overall Rating: 4.2

Open Roles: Senior Director of Construction and Facilities, Store Manager, Sales Associate, and more

What Employees Say: “Great work environment, from what I've experienced very understanding staff. The culture of the company has a great influence in the way we work, and the way we make decisions.” — Current Employee

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3. H E B

Overall Rating: 4.1

Open Roles: Product Manager, AM Sanitation, Meat Cutter, Customer Service Assistant, Overnight Stocker, and more

What Employees Say: “H E B is the most ethical company I have ever worked for. It holds its managers accountable so they cannot just hire or fire who they like but it also holds its hourly partners to the same code of ethics. I feel I have become a better person by working here. Raises ever year to six months and it is growing fast so it has a lot of opportunity for growth if you show the character for it.” — Current Employee

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4. Nebraska Furniture Mart

Overall Rating: 4.0

Open Roles: Warehouse Specialist, IT Support Technician, Luxury Appliance Sales and Design, Driver, Salesperson, and more

What Employees Say: “Management is extremely supportive and empowering. There is always plenty of room for professional and personal growth.” — Current Employee

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5. Wegmans Food Markets

Overall Rating: 4.0

Open Roles: Prep Cook, Parking Lot Attendant, Pharmacy Technician, Truck Driver, Cashier, Barista, and more

What Employees Say: “Great hours depending on the season. Helpful managers try to place you where you would like to work, and are willing to train and help you get there. Two raises a year.” — Current Employee

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6. ABC Supply Co.

Overall Rating: 4.3

Open Roles: CLD Delivery Truck Driver, Inside Sales Representative, Outside Sales Representative, Instructional Designer, Warehouse Lead, and more

What Employees Say: “The company aims to be an employee first company in everything they do and I can truly say that is true. The company has a very strong family atmosphere and team spirit in everything we do. There are many opportunities for advancement within the company if you are adaptable and work hard.” — Current Employee

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7. Costco Wholesale

Overall Rating: 3.9

Open Roles: BI Administrator, Loss Prevention Agent, IT Vendor Manager, TMS Business Analyst, Identity Analyst, Meat Department Supervisor, and more

What Employees Say: “Great benefits as well as room for advancement.” — Former Employee

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8. Discount Tire

Overall Rating: 4.0

Open Roles: Tire Service Technician, Assistant Manager, Learning Systems Administrator, Instructional Designer, Category, Paid Media Manager, and more

What Employees Say: “Great company to work for! Discount Tire takes care of all employees from part time to full time. Everyone treats you like family. Great benefits—never thought I would turn it into a career always room for growth.” — Current Employee

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