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The Top 5 Tips to Finding a Dream Job in Your 20s

The life of a 20-year-old is full of excitement because the reality of the real world has not set in. The experience of attending College or University can help some realize their true passion in life while others spend most of their time confused.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “unemployment rates for young men (12.0 percent), women (10.8 percent), Whites (9.9 percent), Blacks (20.6 percent), Asians (10.0 percent), and Hispanics(11.3 percent) also showed little or no change from last July.” The difference between the students that found jobs and the ones that remain unemployed was they set realistic goals for success.

1. Start Writing

Without out a plan for success and taking the time to write an effective resume with your educational achievements it will be challenging to find a dream job. Take out a piece of paper and separate it into two sections; short term and long term goals. Now is the time to let your imagination explore all areas of your life and write down goals for internships, the desired Grade Point Average, and a career of interest.

If your parents can’t help you, and time searching for books at the library is limited, the internet is your oyster. Google search careers based on your major. You will be surprised how many jobs are in the market that caters to students that need working experience.

2. Be optimistic every day

It is easy to turn on the news and become discouraged by the negative headlines about the economy. Zig Ziglar couldn’t have said it any better, “You can make positive deposits in your own economy every day by reading and listening to powerful, positive, life-changing content and by associating with encouraging and hope-building people.” Hope-building people can be a school counselor, a professor, students in an association or the student in the class that is a bookworm. Even you recognize the signs it is time to find a new job, remember that opportunities will always be available. Develop a positive mindset for success. It will help you later on in life, and you will thank us later.

3. Invest in personal development

Some students believe that education is all the personal development that one needs but the reason why I was able to write for a college newspaper, become a note taker for disabled students on campus and land an assignment as a journalist for a local newspaper was that of personal development. When school ended, I read books by Napoleon Hill and Tony Robbins. Their advice opened up my mind that I had full control of my destiny. The ability to succeed was dependent on my mentality, and while you can get good grades or be on the National Deans List, it doesn’t guarantee you will find a dream job because there are many students out there that have achieved this level of success.

4. Travel the world

Some students do not have the finances to travel, but there are programs and internships available through your school that can help you make this goal become a reality. A few of the benefits of traveling is it will open your mind and make you realize how grateful you are. If you decide to volunteer for a not-for-profit organization one summer in a third world country, you will come back feeling inspired to be more than the person you are today. On the contrary, if you travel with friends to a nice location the time spent outside of your regular environment will spark creative thoughts to start thinking outside of the box, and it will motivate you to work harder for what you want in life.

5. Find the courage to meet new people

It is easy to stay stuck in a routine of waking up every morning, go to school and hanging out with your friends. I remember an English Literature professor once told me “the money paid for your education is not only for classes. It includes networking with professors, college employees and joining associations on campus to brush shoulders with influential people.” What he said made me realize it was time to start networking outside of my circle of friends. It helped me land my first job at a bank and find a mentor in the Journalism industry. It also improved my confidence and how I felt about myself as an individual.

It is the stepping stone of life events that will help you get closer to the dream job that you deserve. 

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