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More Than An Awesome App, Thumbtack Is An Irresistible Company

Hate household chores and want to hire someone else to do them for you? Enter Thumbtack, the online resource for getting anything done. In 2009, the San Francisco-based information technology company arrived and it’s been ranked as one of the best companies to work for over the past few years. It even made Glassdoor’s list of Best Places to Work!

The company does more than help users get their house painted or hang mirrors on their walls, it also gives employees a solid work-life balance and culture that make going to work totally worth it.

Don’t believe us? Just take a look at what the company’s employees —who rated Thumbtack 4.5 out of 5 stars on Glassdoor — have to say.

The perks

The best perks at Thumbtack are some of the most important ones for any company to have: maternity and paternity leave, health insurance, plus free lunch and snacks. The company covers 100% of medical insurance, provides breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Plus, they offer an unlimited time off policy. But according to its employees, Thumbtack isn’t just like any other company when it comes to what it offers them.

“The benefits and perks are fantastic – it’s like a combination of the best that is available everywhere else,” says one employee.

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The people

What could be better than amazing benefits? Amazing people. Between co-workers are not conceited and managers who help ensure employees have a solid work-life balance, it appears Thumbtack knows how to take care of its people.

“If you want to work among, smart, caring people, work at Thumbtack. It’s an environment free of entitlement or exclusivity. It’s open and transparent, where hard work is recognized and appreciated. Direct access to founders/leaders. You can do your best work at Thumbtack,” explains a current employee.

Many Thumbtakers describe their co-workers as smart, friendly and life-long friends proving the company is filled with the right people to work alongside.

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The office digs and culture

It’s easy to expect any San Francisco-based company to have a killer office, but Thumbtack totally takes it to the next level. With beautiful hardwood floors, large windows, huge healthy plants glowing in the sun and an open office layout–it’s no wonder so many employees say they love coming to work at Thumbtack every day!

One employee even describes it as “quirky and fun!”

“I’ve never worked at a place where everyone gets along. I absolutely love coming to work. Thumbtack values their employees, and they show it. I’m very lucky to be a part of this amazing company,” writes a marketplace integrity employee.

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Moreover, employees say the company culture is awesome and that their work-life balance couldn’t be better at Thumbtack.

“Thumbtack is amazing. The culture is extremely open and trusting. Everyone has a manager, but they are very non-interfering,” says a software engineer for the company.

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The pay

According to employees and their anonymous salary reports, pay seems to be on par with the national average for the reported titles. A UI designer reports earning an estimated $95,000; a marketing employee earns about $112,000 and a product designer reports a salary of about $102,000.

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The verdict

Thumbtack knows what it’s doing, both in the industry and employee happiness. 90% of employees say they would recommending working at Thumbtack to a friend and, even better, is the company’s CEO Marco Zappacosta’s approval rating of 97%! This makes him one of the highest rated CEOs of 2016 on Glassdoor!

“Joining from a big tech company, Thumbtack has everything I’d expect for a good startup: smart people, good perks, nice food, beautiful office, no politic culture, visionary CEO,” explains a Thumbtack employee. “I won’t go into details on those aspects as they are mostly covered by other reviews. What really makes me excited to come to work each day is what Thumbtack differentiates from other startups.”

Needless to say, Thumbtack doesn’t need help running itself or making employees happy.

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