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Ready For A Pay Raise?

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More than half (59 percent) of U.S. employees accepted the salary they were first offered and did not negotiate, according to Glassdoor’s Salary Negotiation Insights Survey.

Are you part of this group?

The first step to negotiating your salary is to determine the best opportunities for when you can ask for a pay raise:

  • Find a new job
  • Tell your employer you want a raise
  • Wait for your employer to offer one

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To find a new job, you have to start looking first and chances are pretty good people in the office will find out about or sense your personal career project. If you are a good worker, play an important role, and would be hard to replace, your employer will approach you prepared to offer “more” to keep you on board. If you are offered a new job, you will be asked the amount you are looking for.

In either case, a good way to answer this question is to respond with, “Based on what I have seen and learned about your organization, I am sure you will offer me an attractive and competitive offer.” If possible do not give a number first. You will second guess yourself for the rest of your career wondering if “I could have gotten more.”

Telling your employer you want more is never easy. You have to be prepared with data–real data–and Glassdoor is a great place to get the latest on pay data in your field, industry and location. What better way to approach your boss than with data that matters?

Waiting for your employer to come to you is also never easy. If you are in a situation where you took a pay decrease in the past couple of years and have market data, including anecdotal stories about companies raising salaries in order to compete and retain talent, then be prepared to share with your immediate supervisor and/or HR representative. How you present the information matters: don’t act like you want a pay raise. Instead point to the stories and data as evidence of a changing market and that your company must be considering doing the same. The people you talk to will take the information forward because chances are they are in the same boat and want the increase as well. You’ve just provided ammunition to take the data forward.