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Tips For Finding Your Next Job Through Social Media

Last week I shared how important social media and networking are to many recruiters, even those who are looking to fill hourly jobs in retail, construction, hospitality and healthcare. Here are some great practical nuggets I learned at last week’s speech:

Don’t rely on job boards – Some of the recruiters I heard last week said that they are starting to move away from job boards. Their complaints: too crowded and too difficult to differentiate themselves. Job boards like Monster still contain a lot of great jobs, and you should include them in your search. Just don’t believe that Monster is a one-stop shop.

Set up your LinkedIn profileLinkedIn is being used by all types of recruiters, even those looking for hourly and non-exempt workers. It really is worth your time to join. Read this article to refresh your memory about how best to start your LinkedIn process.

Join LinkedIn groups – Many recruiters mentioned how valuable they are finding LinkedIn groups as a recruiting tool. LinkedIn Groups are free to start, and provide a great way to connect recruiters and job seekers. You should search LinkedIn for areas of interest (companies, industries, cities, skills) and then join groups in those areas.

Don’t rant in public – One recruiter for a fast food company admitted that she looks at Facebook groups like “I Hate Working for Fast Food.” She admitted that when people start talking smack about a competitor it concerns her. “What if they come work in my company and do the same thing?” Instead, go to great sites like Glassdoor and Facebook and give direct feedback on your work experience. It’s important to know the difference between honest feedback and a public rant – the latter can hurt your chances at getting a job.

Fan on Facebook – I was surprised how many recruiters are starting community pages and groups on Facebook. Fans of these sites get inside information on jobs and future opportunities. Search Facebook for companies, industries and affiliations that you are interested in, and then become a fan or join the group.

Follow jobs on Twitter – Another big surprise: how many companies are putting jobs out on Twitter before they go up on career sites or job boards. Join Twitter and then search for companies, industries or affiliation groups. Follow them and get the jump on new jobs.

Social media is slowly but surely replacing career sites and job boards as the way to find qualified candidates. Make sure that you are a part of this next wave of job searching.