Tips to Think Positive At Work Or In A Job Interview

Optimism matters when looking for a job, making a sales call or asking for…anything. Here are three action steps that may help you prepare for a positive outcome.

The Art of Elevator Dancing: This silly phrase represents a thought process developed years ago when riding the elevator up to the next interview or the next important meeting. Simple, if riding alone think of good music and dance. If riding with others close your eyes think about dancing and smile. And walk in to the meeting with the secret of a great experience. If you don’t dance, practice thinking and reliving a positive experience. The goal is to take you out of a stressful experience and into a positive.

Auto Talk: Dr. Dwayne Dyer wrote years ago on the power of auto talk. He stated we talk to ourselves at approximately 1,200 words per minute. He believes that if 601 words are positive we have a better chance for a positive outcome. Think negative and the negative has a good chance of winning. Take a moment right now and consider what you are telling yourself, is it positive? If not, remember you control what you think – it is up to you to be optimistic so think positive thoughts.

Morning Win: Plan to accomplish something before you go to work – get a win under your belt early in the day. For some it may be getting up early enough to work out, for others it may be writing, painting, reading or quiet time. With our schedules we find it easy to make excuses and our days start with and continue with a stressful rush. If necessary go to bed earlier to wake up earlier to give yourself time for a win – your win will make for an optimistic day.

The positive attitude usually wins and optimism takes a just little work – hope these help and have a great day!