Career Advice

'Tis The Season For Hiring

If you’re thinking about suspending your job search because you think the holiday season reduces your chance for success, think again. Many job seekers feel employers are too busy wrapping gifts and wrapping up the year to consider hiring duties in the mix. They couldn’t be more wrong in their thinking, and listed here are a few reasons why this truly is “the most wonderful time of the year” for asking for the gift of a new job.


1. Yearly Reviews. This is typically when year-end evaluations are completed, and new openings will likely be available soon after the first of the year. Submitting your resume during this time will certainly gain you better pole position to replace those who may be at the end of their race. Why wait until after the first of the year, when management is making those decisions now?

2. Competition is Low. Looking for a job any time of the year can be a daunting task. Throw a major holiday season into the mix and that task for many can be justifiably pushed aside in order to participate in the distractions brought on by all of the lights and fanfare. There are trips to plan and gifts to buy, parties to attend and decorations to be hung. If you are pounding the pavement while your competition dreams of sugar plums dancing “round in their heads,” your odds of a truly happy New Year go up exponentially.

3. Temporary Positions Are at Their Peak. With so many employees taking extra time off, many companies are forced to hire temporary workers to get them through this season. Your willingness to fill in could very lead to a permanent position, especially when it turns out that you are a better fit than the person you’re filling in for.

4. Increased Demand for Products and Services. It is no secret that many companies make the bulk of their profit during this time and typically need to increase their employee ranks to keep up with the demand. This alone is one of the best reasons to maintain your job search. With so many additional opportunities, finding a new job is akin to shooting fish in a barrel.

5. Volunteer Opportunities Abound. With non-profit organizations fueling up fundraising drives to meet holiday goals and objectives, what better time to get charitably involved? There is no shame in strategically volunteering your time, so find an association that employs influencers in your industry or line of business. In the process, that “right person” may simply take a liking to you and make an introduction, or maybe even choose to recruit you themselves. As well, with hiring decision-makers hunting for cultural-fit employees, and with the moral and ethical fiber often deemed missing in today’s society, showing (not just telling) who you are through community-focused behavior breathes life into your resume words.

6. Hiring Practices Tend to be More Relaxed Now. No, they are not going to hire high-school dropouts to run Fortune 500 companies. But some employers may certainly look past limited experience or other minor detractors in an effort to fill important positions. Add to that the sense of charity typically associated with this time of the year, and you may find yourself with a better position than you would have otherwise. There is certainly nothing to lose by trying. Is there?

If you could choose one time of the year to be in the hunt for a new career, this could be the best time there is. So put away the eggnog and mistletoe and get while the getting is good.