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The Top 10 Colleges for Upward Mobility

Where should you go to college if you want to get the highest return on investment towards your education? The conventional wisdom for a long time has been that Ivy League schools like Harvard or highly selective private schools like Duke offer you the best shot at a higher salary. But a recent report by the Equality of Opportunity Project is turning that idea on its head.

In an exhaustive study, researchers “tracked about 30 million students born between 1980 and 1991, linking anonymized tax returns to attendance records from nearly every college in the country,” The New York Times reported. As a result, the study’s authors were able to identify the socioeconomic makeup of different colleges and, more importantly, the salaries students made after earning their degrees.

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Of those colleges, a handful stood out as being particularly helpful in launching students into higher income brackets. The top ten colleges for upward mobility are as follows:

  1. New Jersey Institute of Technology
  2. Pace
  3. Cal State, Bakersfield
  4. University of California, Irvine
  5. Cal Poly Pomona
  6. Xavier of Louisiana
  7. Stony Brook
  8. San Jose State
  9. Baruch
  10. Cal State, Long Beach

Whether you want to earn your degree for the first time or further advance your higher education, these colleges are worth looking into.

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