Top 40 Reasons You’re Thrilled To Be A Summer Intern

Life as an Intern can be difficult. It can also be fun!

With that in mind, and now that we’re knee deep in summer internship season, this seems like a great time to write down a few ideas on what interns may be experiencing as we dutifully fulfill our internship responsibilities.

Without further adieu (and tongue firmly in cheek) YouTern presents…


1. Not needing an excuse to watch “The World’s Most Interesting Intern” videos
2. Filling out your fantasy baseball team roster while doing “marketing research”
3. Watching the boss do a spit-take as he sees you used “f^*k” in a blog
4. Watching the clown-intern walk just behind the boss, doing a perfect impression of her
5. Watching the Boomers give you the “I-don’t-get-it” look when you assume a martial arts pose and say “Qwid Pro Qwoh Motha F…”

Respect and Recognition

6. You’re where everybody knows your name (“Hey, Intern!”)
7. Surpassing “Hey, Intern” with instant name recognition (if you’re Monica Lewinsky)
8. Celebrity status when execs introduce the new interns (and others offer suck-up applause)
9. Rock star status when your Boomer co-workers fall in love with games on your iPhone
10. Becoming the default office IT guy (“Hey, Intern… get in here, you ‘get’ all this stuff!”)

Managing Up

11. Learning early in your career how to manage up, because your intern-boss is a doof
12. Accelerated teaching skills as you need to teach “experienced” staff MS Office basics
13. Coming up with the best idea in a brainstorming session (boss taking full credit)
14. Witnessing effective corporate brown-nose technique by veteran interns
15. Keeping your composure when the $150 per hour consultant gives a 2-hour “Introduction to Social Media” presentation (that you would have done in 30 minutes for a burger ‘n fries)

Reverse Mentorship

16. Explaining terms “Web 2.0”, “Freemium”, “Tweeps” and “Hashtag” with a straight face
17. You LOL every time your Boomer co-worker from the 60’s cracks up at the term “Hashtag”
18. Explaining “h-t-t-p-colon-backslash-no, backslash-another backslash, one more…”
19. Googling “The Jetson’s” to find out why the old folks say “Skype is just like the Jetson’s”
20. “Yes, my friends on Facebook are real friends, and yes, I have 1,512 of them”

Diversity and Tolerance

21. Repeat after me: “No, the tattoo didn’t hurt”
22. Repeat after me: “The piercing, well, I don’t remember…”
23. Coming up with a politically correct answer to “Why do you all think you’re entitled?”
24. Smiling when asked: “You closed that deal by… texting??”
25. The constant reminder of how “lucky” you are because the Boomers in your office “didn’t have all this technology – we actually had to work!”

Family and Friends

26. Explaining to your parents that your online friends are not called “TwitterFaces”
27. Explaining the benefits of a unpaid internship to your landlord, unsuccessfully
28. Telling your parents that you’ve taken your hard earned degree, and are working – for free
29. Telling your parents that you’re working in something called Social Media – for free
30. Making fun of your friends who are flipping burgers and delivering pizzas, while you work for a “real company” – for free

Soft Skills

31. Working without supervision, because your “mentor” is late (again)
32. Learning to overcome writers block after being asked to blog about your experience
33. Learning time management (when given an “all-day” project with a 1-hour deadline)
34. Learning vintage technology and saving minutes on your cell phone by using the landline
35. Learning stress management (when you’re on Kinect ’til 2AM – and still need to get your assignment done)

Motivation and Passion

36. Development of a fallback career (if your fallback is Admin or a Domestic God/Goddess)
37. Motivation to buy a car (the free metro card is cool until you’re constantly late for work)
38. School credit! (that costs you up to $1,000 per credit)
39. They’re going to hire you after these 10 hell weeks are over… right?
40. Having something to live for as you plot the death of the “intern broker” that took $7,000, then sent you to Shanghai for 10 weeks

We hope you enjoyed the light-hearted look at the “benefits” of summer internships.

What are your favorites? What would you add?

– This posted originally appeared on YouTern.