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Top 5 places on Glassdoor to chat about work, life, and everything in between

Posted by Glassdoor Team

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Last Updated Aug 24, 2023
|3 min read

If you haven’t heard of Glassdoor Bowls, it’s a place to vibe with like-minded professionals, as well as anonymously post and answer your most burning workplace and career questions. There are over 10K+ communities (bowls) to choose from, filled with people sharing everything from rage rants about crazy customers to advice for handling a salary negotiation. With so many options, you may be wondering where to start. Don’t worry – we’ve put together a guide to help! Here’s a ranking of the 5 most popular public interest bowls among professionals*.

1. The Work-Life Bowl
3.7 million members

Why join? Come for the advice, stay for the tea. 

Here you’ll find practical advice for taking a break from your 9-to-5 to enjoy life outside of it. Users often tap into the community for tips on handling sticky situations at work, like dealing with a toxic co-worker or switching careers. 

2. Career Advice for Students
649,000 members

Why join? Know what to expect from your first gig.

This bowl connects students with recent grads and working professionals. Community members often shoot their shots with elevator pitches about themselves, which typically are rewarded with career tips and expanded networks.

3. Crazy Customer Stories
287,000 members

Why join? It’ll make you question if the customer’s always right. 

This community shares customer tales from across industries that are sure to make you cringe. From customers returning wacky items to colorful commentary, these workers’ experiences certainly raise eyebrows. 

4. Startups and Entrepreneurship
276,000 members

Why join? Level up to be your own boss.

Network to find your co-founder in this bowl. Whether you want to pressure test your idea (without giving too much away) or find out how to get funding, this is the place to be. 

5. Salary Negotiations
189,000 members

Why join? Tell them, “Pay me what you owe me.”

You may know (or at least have a hunch) that you should be making more money, but you don’t know how to start the convo. Drop your question in the feed and pair it with this guide to ask for more pay with ease. 

*Methodology: This ranking was calculated based on the publicly available Interest bowls with the most members on Glassdoor as of July 25, 2023. Industry bowls (i.e. Technology, Finance) and industry-adjacent bowls (i.e. Jobs in healthcare, Salaries in STEM) were removed from this ranking.

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