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Top-Rated CEO Diane Greene Ousted

With the news this week about Diane Greene’s removal as CEO of VMware, we found it really interesting to see how notable CEOs are faring in the eyes of the employees.

According to employees who have posted on, Diane Greene had one of the highest CEO ratings at 84% (for those companies with more than 50 reviews), just behind Apple’s  Steve Jobs (90%), Intuit’s Brad Smith (88%) and Google’s Eric Schmidt (86%).   And as Kevin Maney of Portfolio points out, among the employees active on Glassdoor she was more popular than the parent company’s CEO (EMC’s Joe Tucci) who’s approval rating is in the middle of the pack at just 73%.

The VMware executive upheaval is one of the most gossip worthy events to have occurred in technology as of recent.

Below is a snapshot list of top 10 rated CEOs according to employee. The CEO approval ratings again are based on feedback from well over 50 employees per company.

  1. Steve Jobs, Apple – 90%
  2. Brad D. Smith, Intuit – 88%
  3. Eric E. Schmidt, Google – 86%
  4. Diane B. Greene, VMware – 84%*
  5. Jim Turley, Ernst & Young Global – 83%
  6. John T. Chambers, Cisco Systems – 83%
  7. Shantanu Narayen, Adobe – 78%
  8. Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan Chase – 76%
  9. Jim Quigley, Deloitte – 73%
  10. Joe Tucci, EMC – 73%