Top Signs You Are Overwhelmed At Work

It’s already a crazy week, month or quarter, and you have been running ragged to complete one goal and then another. But are you aware of the signs or side effects that occur when you are under too much pressure and have way too much on your plate?

Based on experiences throughout our careers, here are some of the top signs we’ve come to recognize:

  • You heated up a slice of pizza for lunch and it’s still in the microwave…4 hours later
  • You are considering having the rest of that cup of coffee…that you bought from Starbucks yesterday morning and has been sitting on your desk ever since
  • You haven’t spoken to your friends or loved ones that live outside of your home in far too long
  • You haven’t showered in more than 48 hours because you just haven’t had the time to spare
  • When you do catch a wink of sleep, you dream about work. Or when you wake up in the morning it’s as if you don’t remember sleeping
  • Your home looks like a bomb went off because there are dishes, clothes, papers, laptop and cell phone chargers covering practically every inch of the floor and counters
  • You haven’t eaten the most important meal of the day since March – you remember breakfast don’t you? It’s the one that can involve a bowl of cereal, maybe a yogurt and a banana,  or some scrambled eggs and toast
  • You haven’t had time to exercise in a really, really, really long time
  • And last, but not least, your underwear is on backwards…it’s okay we’re not watching, go ahead and check where the tag is

In times like this you just need to laugh at yourself and hopefully realize all that you are getting accomplished while you go through this hectic period. Sure your mom would be telling you that you need to take it easy and take care of yourself, but let’s face it, sometimes we can’t help but bury our noses in our work.

What other signs do you feel show you are overwhelmed at work?