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Top Sports Companies to Work For

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Last Updated May 3, 2019
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While becoming the next LeBron James might be a long shot for your career, there are tons of employment opportunities in sports – from marketing athletic apparel to analyzing post-game data to training the next generation of athletes – that are available for people with a passion for athletics. Whether you trained in computer science or you’re a certified personal trainer, there are positions available in athletics, whether it’s at a sports association, an athletic apparel company, or a gym. In no particular order, here are 10 of the top sports companies that are looking for new employees in 2019.


Where Hiring: Raleigh, NC; Chicago, IL; Sacramento, CA; Baltimore, MD; Las Vegas, NV, Houston, TX, & more.

Open Roles: Customer Success Representative, Member Support Manager, Data Analyst, Senior Sports Sales Specialist, Prospect Analyst, HR Business Partner Manager, & more.

What Employees Say: “I have been here for 10 years. NCSA is an amazing place to work. You get to help families in the recruiting process and make a difference in their lives. For me, everyone just truly cares at NCSA. I got very sick about two years ago and got phone calls and support from every single top-level executive. I truly felt loved and cared about. I have been at a few companies over my 20-year professional career and this is by far the best! This is a place you want to be.” – Current Vice President Recruiting

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Where Hiring: Secaucus, NJ; New York, NY; London, England; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Shanghai, China, & more.

Open Roles: Basketball Administration Lead, WNBA Creative Designer, Integration Strategist, New Business Development, Lead WordPress Engineer, Audience Development Lead, & more.

What Employees Say: “Great collaborative atmosphere. Get to watch basketball and work with/around the sport. Get amazing content to the fans.” – Current Employee

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Where Hiring: Culver City, CA; New York, NY; Mount Laurel, NJ

Open Roles: Club Operations Coordinator, Coordinator of Consumer Products, Production Assistant, TOC Operator, Scheduling Operations Coordinator, Digital Asset Coordinator, & more.

What Employees Say: “I feel very fortunate to be a part of the biggest professional sports brand in the United States. There is such a strong positive culture, great work-life balance, and a very encouraging team atmosphere. My colleagues are not only dedicated but very talented and driven to succeed. My manager trusts my abilities and encourages me to explore different opportunities within my department. All in all I feel very supported here and appreciate such a positive culture.” – Current Employee

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Where Hiring: Dallas, TX; Loveland, CO; Beaverton, OR; Boston, MA; Portland, OR; New York, NY; Los Angeles, CA; San Clemente, CA, & more.  

Open Roles: Brand Marketing Coordinator, Account Operations Data Analyst, Product Owner, Social Media Specialist, Program Director, Operations Supervisor, Product Manager, & more.

What Employees Say: “Amazing company that moves at the speed of light. They seem to always be ahead of the curve.” – Current Product Manager

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Where Hiring: Portland, OR; Venice, CA; Boston, MA; Vero Beach, FL; Carlsbad, CA; Houston, TX; Brooklyn, NY; Katy, TX; Calexico, CA; Las Vegas, NV, & more.

Open Roles: Visual Merchandising Associate Leader, Retail Cash Wrap Supervisor, Recruiter, Executive Assistant, Deployment Coordinator, Senior HR Business Partner, Director Development, & more.

What Employees Say: “The people are amazing and the company really does go out of their way to make their employees happy. The work life balance here is fantastic too!” – Current Technical Designer

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Where Hiring: Washington, DC; Santa Barbara, CA; Asheville, NC; Newport Beach, CA; Boulder, CO; West Palm Beach, FL; Portland, OR; Illinois City, IL, & more.

Open Roles: Inventory Leader, Expeditor, Store Manager, Seasonal Educator, IT Security Operations Manager, Warehouse Team Lead, Application Administrator, & more.

What Employees Say: “I really like the people I work with and the positive culture at the company. The benefits include money for workout classes and healthcare for people who work more than 20 hours a week. They also offer retirement plans with matching, to both part-time and full-time employees. Additionally, I really believe in the quality of the product and feel that the company stands behind what it makes. The great part is they really encourage you to just get to know the guests and not try to "sell" them anything. The product sells itself. It is more about being a positive part of someone’s day and helping them through the many features and fabrics available to them. The hourly pay is also really competitive for my area.” – Current Educator

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121918 EquinoxOpening VivianaPernot

Equinox Fitness

Where Hiring: Los Angeles, CA; New York, NY; Summit, NJ; Boston, MA; San Francisco, CA; Culver City, CA; Highland Park, IL; Dallas, TX; Chicago, IL; Greenwich, CT; & more.

Open Roles: Assistant General Manager, Personal Trainer, Licensed Massage Therapist, Junior Project Manager, Sales Operations Coordinator, Head of Product, Community and Events Manager, & more.

What Employees Say: “Everyone is so kind and fun to be around making it truly feel like a place to call home. Free membership. Discounts on purchases.” – Current Front Desk Associate

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Under Armour

Where Hiring: Austin, TX; Baltimore, MD; Portland, OR; San Francisco, CA; Destin, FL; Santiago, MO; Fort Bliss, TX; Denver, CO; Nashville, TN; Kittery, ME, & more.

Open Roles: Project Manager, Application Security Architect, HR Coordinator, Compliance Manager, Product Designer, Store Manager, Warehouse Teammate, Part-Time Sales Leader, & more.

What Employees Say: “Under Armour is an incredible place to work. This company excels when it comes to corporate partnership with the retail field. When employees from the retail field asks, our corporate business partners listen, take action, and follow up to gain better understanding. Like any job, there are obstacles, but with Under Armour there is never a doubt that the company is working diligently to be the best at getting better. As a retail store manager you own the right to create an engaging culture in your store. You control your four walls and when it comes to bonus potential the sky is the limit.” – Current Retail Store Manager

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LA Fitness

Where Hiring: Beavercreek, OH; Springfield, MA; Portland, OR; Fountain Valley, CA; Tukwila, WA; Atlanta, GA; Richfield, MA; Boca Raton, FL; Montgomeryville, PA, & more.

Open Roles: Training Coordinator, Health and Wellness Director, Certified Personal Trainer, Membership Director, Fitness Manager, Exercise Science Specialist, Studio Director, & more.

What Employees Say: “Awesome people to work with, free membership and great environment” – Current Sales Counselor

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Where Hiring: Wrentham, MA; Merrimack, NH; Westford, MA; Boston, MA; Carlsbad, CA; Los Angeles, CA; Rosemont, IL; Eagan, MN; Gretna, NE; Pottstown, PA; & more.

Open Roles: Retail Assistant Store Manager, Key Account Manager, Retail Sales Associate, Public Relations Manager, Retail Supervisor, Business Analyst, CAD Engineer, & more.

What Employees Say: “In Puma I have the possibility of expressing my creative freedom, the environment gives me the chance to push boundaries and think outside of the box. Everyone is very approachable, no matter which level. You can feel free to share your ideas and input without feeling judged or not taken serious. Working for Puma, makes you live the Puma spirit, you want to do your best to push the brand forward and develop with them. Its a great mix of hard work and fun. We are joyful, brave, determined and confident in everything we do.” – Current Visual Merchandising Manager

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