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Top Tech Companies that Pay Engineers the Most

Google, Synopsys and Broadcom take top spots in a Glassdoor report that highlights top public tech companies where engineers are the most financially rewarded. Google engineers reportedly earn up to $149,425 per year (This breaks down as $106,666/average salary and $42,759/bonus).   It will be interesting to watch how this evolves over time since Google’s base pay for engineers is among the lowest. 

Om Malik of GigaOm noted in his blog that “Whenever we have a slump here in Silicon Valley, there is an exodus from startups to more established players. Opportunities are almost always there for engineers. Sure, hiring is going to slow down – even at large companies – but engineers are almost always in demand.”

Here is the breakdown the top 10 companies that pay the most – on average – for engineering talent we provided to Om:

Glassdoor Report: Top 10 Tech Companies that Pay Engineers the Most
Rank Employer  Avg Salary   Avg Bonus   Avg Total Pay 
1 Google $106,666 $42,759 $149,425
2 Synopsys $118,908 $15,189 $134,096
3 Broadcom $115,093 $15,023 $130,116
4 Xilinx $114,996 $11,779 $126,775
5 Yahoo $114,280 $12,441 $126,721
6 KLA-Tencor $110,227 $15,611 $125,838
7 Sun Microsystems $118,358 $7,356 $125,714
8 Intuit $107,740 $16,349 $124,089
9 VMware $100,817 $19,768 $120,585
10 NVIDIA $112,291 $8,095 $120,386

Check out what some engineers at Google had to say about the good and bad of working at the company:

Honeymoon period over in two years… (Software Engineer, Mountain View, CA) 

“Google is the best company I have worked for as far as perks are concerned. Name a perk and Google will beat its rival. Food? Massage? Shuttle service? Nap room ? Doctor? Offsites? Beer on campus? What else?

…You will also observe that there is very little or no chance of career path advancement. This is different from a start-up. If you are ambitious and you haven’t discovered what your technical passions are, best advice is to not join Google. “

 Google could be slipping (Site Reliability Engineer, Mountain View, CA) 

“Lots of smart people. Team atmosphere where it seems like most people are making a difference. Unusual perks that lead to being a member of a family, a team….The free perks go a long way towards making people happy and keeping people at a unique work environment. When considering getting rid of free cereal… note that every perk you take away from us the more you’ll have to pay in salary to keep me when another company comes knocking…” 

Stay tuned for more analysis on engineering jobs and pay differences by gender.  If you haven’t yet told us about your job’s pros and cons and compensation, why don’t you take a few minutes and complete our survey to help grow our database and help others who might be looking for a job at your company.