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Transform Your Accounting Job With These 5 Tools


Do you love accounting but feel bored at work sometimes? It’s hard to ignore the repetitive nature of some tasks. Thankfully, automated tools exist to take the drudgery out of a slow work day. You can transform your accounting job with these four tools.


An accountant facing exactly the same problems as you invented this product in 2004. He couldn’t find satisfactory bookkeeping software for the Apple ecosystem, so he designed Kashflow. It’s the rare product built from scratch by accountants. Members of the profession find the user interface intuitive, and it’s added a rich feature-set over the past decade.

Kashflow will empower you in your daily assignments. It provides a detailed overview of all your client accounts. Plus, you can leverage Kashflow to increase your client services. With this product, you can offer payment solutions that will add convenience for your customers. Plus, Kashflow integrates with most tax software.

Smart Checking

Protecting the security of your transactions is crucial. When your company suffers a data breach, you’ll lose revenue. More importantly, you’ll also lose the trust of your customers and possibly their business. In the event of an attack, you should take steps to protect yourself and your consumers.

You can also take a proactive step. Purchase wallet checks to pay for your business transactions. Thanks to a clever design, these checks help ward off criminal activities. Should someone try to tamper with the payment details, the special coating will alert you to the attempt. Also, the stock paper used for wallet checks is impossible to counterfeit. By using smart checking, you’ll protect yourself against data breaches long before they occur.


Do you perform more of your bookkeeping in the cloud? Have you switched from personal computers to smart devices? You need accounting software specifically designed for such emerging technologies. Kashoo is the best app on the market today thanks to its ease of accessibility and cloud computing functionality. With Kashoo, you can perform all of your expense management routines in a few easy steps. Plus, it has integrated payroll support.


Bookkeeping is an integral part of your daily routine. Any tool that can streamline your efficiency is like hiring the world’s greatest assistant. Bench absolutely qualifies due to its unique structure. When you use it, you’ll contact one of their professionals, who also works in bookkeeping. They’ll evaluate your priorities and invent a strategy to maximize your productivity. You’ll effectively hire a specialist who will handle all the categorization and receipt management for your accounts, thereby reducing your workload.


One of the worst parts of accounting is tracking items like time management and bank transactions. FreeAgent offers functionality that will automate time tracking after only a few minutes of setup! As for bulk receipts tracking, you can create a subroutine that will perform all of them in the background while you work on other tasks. FreeAgent will make you feel like you’ve eliminated 10 hours from your work week.

Accounting doesn’t have to feel boring. You simply have to pick the right tools to reduce the monotony. All four products listed above will increase your efficiency while reducing job stress.

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