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Five Types of Employees Companies Are Seeking

Hiring is anticipated to increase in the coming months for many organizations, which is good news for unemployed job seekers and unhappy workers across the country.

What type of candidates will they be looking for? Here are a few types of employees companies are seeking (and how to become this type of person):

The Strategist

This person is someone who has a plan and a goal—and a strategy for attaining that goal. Employers want workers who are strategic because it shows they understand how important company resources are and want to do their job in the best way possible.

How can you become this person? Implement a strategy in your current job or for your job search to determine the best way to reach your goal. Keep track of hard numbers, also known as metrics or analytics, so you can learn what can be done differently for the next time.

The Leader

A leader is someone who can take charge of a project and/or a team of individuals successfully. Whether leadership experience comes from a college campus group or the workplace, employers are always seeking individuals with leadership experience to work for their company.

How can you become this person? Take the lead on a project at work, or if you’re still in school, fill a leadership role within a student organization. If you’re currently unemployed, volunteer your time with a local nonprofit to gain some leadership experience.

The Creative

This person is someone who is innovative—creative individuals can help companies succeed and reach their target audience in new and unique ways. Companies want this type of individual to help them navigate the evolving world of technology, help them embrace new strategies and implement them. Hiring managers often look for employees – especially those vying for entry-level jobs – who can bring something new to the organization.

How can you become this person? Keep up with new trends and technologies in your industry by subscribing to blogs by thought leaders and reading recent news. Make note of any new resources or advice that you’d like to take with you to your next job.

The Problem Solver

An individual deemed a problem solver is someone who is able to successfully navigate problems and develop appropriate solutions. Problem solvers often must think outside of the box and come up with creative solutions—something that can be vital in many types of jobs. This may also involve thinking on your feet, such as when a problem suddenly arises or client or customer needs assistance.

How can you become this person? Observe your supervisor or colleagues in situations where a problem needs to be solved (or think back to a time at work when this has happened). How does he or she come up with a solution? Consider how you would apply their problem solving strategies to a problem of your own.

The Intrapreneur

This person is a combination of many of the above types—someone who acts as an entrepreneur but within a company. You need to be creative, innovative, and a leader in order to be a successful intrapreneur. Many great ideas originated from intrapreneurs (Post-It Notes and the Sony PlayStation are two of the most prominent), and companies certainly gain from intrapreneurs success just as much as you do.

How can you become this person? Speak up when you see things at your organization that can be improved or changed, and share your ideas with your supervisor. If they express interest in moving forward with an idea, develop a plan to successfully implement the new product or strategy.

What other types of individuals would you add to this list? Why?