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Four Ways To Approach Tough Job and Career Issues

We’ve all dealt with the ups and downs of life, whether they be BIG global issues that affect us or just a bad hair day. Whatever the circumstance it’s how we deal with issues that really formulates our attitude and success. Here are four points to remember first when dealing with the obstacles life hands us.

But first a story…

Picture an island with a cove. In the cove the water is very still and in the still water there is coral that is weak, has lost its color and is slowly dying. Outside the cove there is ocean and here the water is constantly moving. Many times there are storms and the currents are constant and strong. Here the coral must fight to live and as a result is colorful, growing and must be strong against all currents.

So what does this teach us and how does it relate to facing tough issues in our own jobs and careers you might ask?

Make a choice: No matter the circumstance make a choice today where you want to be in your job and your career – the strong colorful coral or the weak and dying.

Embrace the challenge: Obstacles, problems and issues are truly the greatest opportunity to grow as a person and in your career. If you are weak in an area, embrace it and make plans to overcome. Let the people around you know that you do not shy away from issues but that you meet them head on.

Smile in the face of adversity: When you truly embrace and understand the value of personal growth a problem or challenge is a gift. Treat it as such and know that while it may be difficult for a time in the long run the knowledge and strength gained is a positive.

Look in the mirror: You are responsible and accountable for actions and how you react to all personal and career situations whether negative or positive. Do you know people who missed a promotion or made the wrong career decision and missed out on the big liquidity event? Sure you do, we all do. The question is how did they react and how will you react.

For some parts of our country we are in a growth mode while other parts still struggle. Wherever you are find and embrace the challenge as a positive opportunity to grow your professional and career life. It may not be easy in the short term but the long term personal benefits will be quite….colorful.