Career Advice

Five Ways to Brown Nose at Work

Looking to get some brownie points from your boss so that when the economy rebounds you’ll be first on the list for a promotion and a raise? Try these suggestions to get on your boss’ good side, some subtle and some so obvious that it will keep competition among colleagues alive and well.

  1. Break the news: Keep your ear to the ground, and be the first to share any news that affects your industry or business. By putting time and effort in understanding what’s going on outside your office, you’ll give off the impression that you are truly vested in the company’s success.
  2. Buy your boss a cup of coffee: Ask your boss if he wants to grab a cup of coffee. The time spent on the walk to the local coffee shop or cafeteria can do wonders for the boss/employee relationship. Use the 5-10 minutes of your boss’ time to chat about a project or whatever else is on your mind, and you can potentially capture  attention for your achievements or a discover a shared interest.
  3. Engage your boss: If your boss puts out a question to you and your colleagues about how to approach a problem or issue, speak up. They’re looking for input, and if you sound off with an idea or suggestion, they’ll appreciate your catalyst for discussion.
  4. Keep your emotions in check: In a nutshell, keep a smile on your face and keep the anger at bay. As the saying goes, check your emotions at the door. Your boss will notice if you consistently come to work with a ‘let’s get it done’ positive attitude rather than a ‘this work is pointless’ approach.
  5. Be the first to arrive and the last to leave: If your boss or team has a heavy work load or big project in front of them, show you are there to help get it done. Be the team player your mom always said you were.

Plus according to the Mayo Clinic, a better relationship with your boss can mean less stress in your life, and who doesn’t want less stress?!?