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Crafting a Career: 3 Wells Fargo Employees Open Up About Their 10+ Years on the Stagecoach

Company loyalty is a thing of the past: many of us look for the next best job anywhere we can find it—even if that means moving on to another company. (And there’s nothing wrong with that, of course!) But there seems to be at least one company that begs loyalty from its employees, and that’s Wells Fargo. Its employees give Wells Fargo an overall rating of 3.5 on Glassdoor—and a 3.6 rating when it comes specifically to compensation and benefits.

So, to get the scoop on what keeps employees at Wells Fargo, we spoke with three long-time team members. They’ve got details on what it’s really like to work there, and why they love it.

Kelly Herndon 

After 20 years at Wells Fargo, there are few people who can speak to what it’s really like to work for this behemoth company better than Kelly Herndon. “I really can’t believe that I’ve been working at Wells Fargo for almost half of my life,” she says. Here are the details.Kelly Herndon Headshot small

Why she signed on: Herndon says that she was attracted to Wells Fargo two decades ago because of its people—and, she adds, “the opportunity to move into a challenging position.” For her, it “was my first chance to lead a team,” Herndon explains, adding that she had the chance to serve in many roles, including as a customer service manager and as a recruiter, and then a recruiting manager.

What’s kept her there: After several years of service, many people would get the itch to move on to another company. But not Herndon. “A career in recruiting is never something that I sought out, but I was fortunate when the opportunity presented itself,” Herndon says. She enjoyed it, and rather than leave Wells Fargo, she looked for opportunities to challenge herself within the brand. “At around the six-year mark, I had the chance to begin recruiting for another line of business within the bank,” she explains. “This allowed me to recruit for different types of jobs, work with different leaders and partners and learn a ton. It almost felt like a different company, but familiar in many ways because it was still Wells Fargo.”

How she’s grown at Wells Fargo: Herndon says she has been able to challenge herself at work with new projects. “The majority of my professional development has been on-the-job by taking on or being given stretch assignments or projects,” she says. “There have been lots of times where I have seen an opportunity—or problem—and then worked on finding ways to improve or fix it.” But she’s also grown personally by working at Wells Fargo, too.

“When I started with Wells Fargo, I was in my mid-20s,” Herndon says. “I recently bought a new house, but didn’t really understand or want to understand all that much about my finances. My first position at Wells Fargo was working with mortgages, so I learned a lot and then, as I moved on to different parts of the bank, I’ve continued to learn and have been able to apply it to my life outside of work.” She also adds, “As I look back on my time at Wells Fargo, I often think about personal milestones too,” including lasting friendships.

Marshay Floyd Marshay Floyd 1038847 (1)

With a remarkable 30-year career in the Wells Fargo family, you could say Marshay Floyd likes her job—and her company. Here, Floyd spills the details on why she sticks around.

Why she’s stayed: Floyd admits that when she first took her job at Wells Fargo, she didn’t think she’d stay for very long. “My plan was to stay a few years, gain some knowledge—as this was my first job in corporate America—and move on to my next opportunity,” she says. “However, I really loved the company and the culture and grew and maintained great relationships and partnerships.” Now, 10 years later, she is still there—and very happy.

How she grows on the job: Sometimes, you hit a proverbial wall at work that you can’t seem to break through. But Floyd hasn’t experienced that feeling with Wells Fargo, she says. “To date, I have not felt like I’ve hit the ceiling in terms of professional development and opportunities,” Floyd says. “Wells Fargo continuously offers a wide range of personal and professional development opportunities to its team members. Plus, management plays a role in ensuring that we are constantly being encouraged to push our limits, take on stretch assignments and step outside of our comfort zones.” It’s one reason she’s stayed.

How she’s successful at Wells Fargo: Asked how she might advise a group of applicants about finding success at the company, here’s what Floyd had to say: “In my opinion, the key to success in the company is to have a strong work ethic; be open to others’ ideas and opinions; [have the] ability to work in a diverse and inclusive environment; and [have the] ability to always do what is best for the client/customer and lead by example,” Floyd says.

Jennifer N. Curtin 

Jennifer Curtin has climbed Wells Fargo’s corporate ladder from bank teller to branch manager and recruiter. Here, she shares what it’s like to move throughout the company. Jennifer Curtin Headshot

What attracted her to Wells Fargo: Curtin began her career at Wells Fargo before she had even graduated college. “My mom had actually worked for the company for many years and had her career here, so I was aware of the great culture, benefits, and opportunity for growth,” she says. “I was hired as a teller and worked part-time while attending school so the flexibility in schedule was extremely beneficial. Also, the tuition reimbursement benefit was helpful, as I was studying business in order to continue in my career and Wells Fargo helped me pay for part of that along the way.” She adds, “It was a great fit because I could learn something new in a company with career growth while also focusing on school.”

The best thing she’s seen happen at work: Curtin remembers one married couple who were seeking credit for a home renovation. “It wasn’t a large amount,” Curtin recalls, “but also not something that would make sense to put on a credit card based on interest rates.  I knew they had lived in their home for a long time and had raised their children there and had no plans to leave. So, we sat down and discussed what they were doing, the cost, and all of their options.” Curtin says she was able to find an ideal solution for the couple, one that allowed them to complete their renovation with a low-interest home equity line of credit.

Months later, the couple experienced a family emergency that cost them a lot of money. “Because they had the line of credit available, they were able to pay for what was needed in that moment with no hesitation,” Curtin says. “They came back to me so thankful that they had those funds available because they were dealing with so many other things—both emotionally and physically—and money was one less thing to need to worry about in that moment.  After everything was taken care of from that life event, I continued to work with them and they were able to pay off the line of credit at a great pace. It was so nice to see that through utilizing the value in their home we were able to take care of everything they needed to with less stress and—in the end—save them [a lot] of money.”   

What keeps her engaged: Curtin doesn’t often get bored at work. Why? Because she is able to help people on the job, she explains. “No matter what role I have held, I have been able to get to know people and what they are trying to accomplish and help them with that,” she says. “I have had the joy of doing this with customers, team members who have reported to me, team members that are looking for the next step, and candidates looking to become team members.” Curtin adds that, “There is nothing more rewarding than seeing others succeed, either financially or in their careers.”


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