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What Questions Do Glassdoor Recruiters Ask Job Candidates?

Posted by Amy Elisa Jackson

October 27, 2017

Eyeing a job at Glassdoor and wondering about the interview process? Or has a Glassdoor recruiter called you to say they’re interested in bringing you in for an interview? You’re in luck!

As one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing job sites, and one of the biggest proponents of workplace transparency, Glassdoor is very open both about its interview process and what candidates can expect from the overall experience. From what our talent acquisition pros look for in informed candidates to the various points of the compensation philosophy, we’re pretty upfront about why Glassdoor is an awesome place to work.

In this article, you’ll get an inside look at what our recruiters and hiring managers ask candidates in the interview process. You’ll hear from HR, execs and even recent candidates to get a 360-degree picture. From our product teams to business development to sales, here’s what recruiters are asking candidates at Glassdoor.

According to Recruiters...

Jamie Hichens, Senior Talent Acquisition Manager, says:


1. "What drives and motivates you? Or what matters most to you in your next role or company?"
Why She Asks: “I ask this because it shows what really matters to them which is helpful when it comes to the offer and negotiation time."

2. "What would your manager say about you?"
Why She Asks: “This is a good question because they have to think fast about their current strengths that are easily recognized by others.”

3. "What about this position interests you? What about Glassdoor interests you?"
Why She Asks: “This draws out if they're legitimately interested in this particular role and in our company, or if it's just another job they applied to.”

4. "Why do you think you're a fit for this position?"
Why She Asks: “This is their opportunity to sell themselves.”

According to Candidates...

Now, candidates who have interviewed at Glassdoor recently revealed what they were asked, and what their interview experience was like. Read what job seekers just like you have to say, and learn from their experiences:

Associate Account Manager Interview
“I applied for the Associate Account Manager position (Chicago office) in August 2017. Overall, I had an amazing interview process with Glassdoor and it took about 3 weeks until I received a full-time offer. The interview process was three steps, each of which were very conversational and with great people! First, was an initial phone screening with the team Manager which was very positive and conversational. Second, was a mock sales pitch call which I personally thought was the most fun part of the interview process. One definitely has to prepare in order to get through this sales pitch effectively, but if done right it is very rewarding. The sales pitch gives you an idea of what you will be doing for day-to-day tasks. The final interview consisted of a four round, in-person interview which was also very relaxed and conversational! Glassdoor employees definitely care about who you are as a person and helping you find a right fit! I truly enjoyed my interview process and am so excited to officially start working at Glassdoor!” —Associate Account Manager Interview in Chicago, IL

Question(s) asked:

  • How would you manage a future book of business as an Associate Account Manager?
  • What drives you to be in sales?

Business Operations Manager Interview
“Phone screen with the recruiter, then 2 phone screens with directors on the team (case-based), then a take-home case assignment, then a full day of onsite interviews. This was one of the more rigorous interview processes I went through during my MBA recruiting process, but it gave me a good understanding of what the day-to-day work would actually involve. Everybody I spoke to seemed both really smart and really passionate about their work, and it was ultimately those conversations that led me to accept the offer.” —Business Operations Manager Interview

Question(s) asked:

  • Tell us about a time when you had to manage a project with many cross-functional stakeholders.

Data Science Interview
“It was a really smooth process and was over in about 5 days. I had a phone interview with my manager who was looking for an intern on his team. We discussed a bit about my background and the work they were looking for the intern to do at Glassdoor. There was one technical question following which he gave me a data challenge to solve (over the weekend but you're not supposed to spend more than a couple of hours on that). Following the data challenge, I had another interview with the VP of the B2B marketing team where we went through a case study. Within an hour of my second interview, I got a call from the HR [team] notifying me of my offer. They really put the effort in to put you at ease and should be an example to other big companies who make prospective candidates go through all sorts of inconvenient procedures, not to mention over a big length of time (1-4 months).” —Data Science Interview

Question(s) Asked:

  • You roll 2 die, what's the probability of getting a sum of 10?

Recruiting Coordinator Interview
“I interviewed for Glassdoor and the entire process moved very quickly and I felt like I had a transparent candidate experience. I met on site with the team and after my interview, they gave me a tour of the company which really sold me on working there.” —Recruiting Coordinator Interview

Question(s) Asked:

  • How would your previous manager describe you?

According to a Hiring Manager:

Katherine Johnson, Digital Marketing Director, says she asks all candidates the following questions:

1. "What makes you excited about this position?"

Why She Asks: "I want to hear how generic or unique their response is. Do they seem ready to get started and hit the ground running? What do they call out as things they enjoy doing, or even more-so, do they understand what will be critical to be successful in the position and are they excited to do that task?"

2. "How do you stay-up-to-date, what resources do you use to continue to learn [more about your job function/skills]?"

Why She Asks: "I wanted to understand their motivations, to get a sense of their potential. How interested are they in continuing to learn? What tools are they utilizing in order to do this? On-the-job learning is critical for digital jobs because the landscape is always changing. Also, when I ask what tools they use, I get insight into how savvy they are in [the] digital world."

3. "Walk me through your first week. How would you go about getting up to speed?"

Why She Asks: "While sometimes this results in very boring, uninteresting answers, I find that the smartest candidates use this opportunity to sell themselves, and move into the 30-60-90 day plans. I want to hear what questions they would ask about the job, and what research they know they'd need to do to be successful."

4. "What if you outlined all your KPIs (key performance indicators) and set up a roadmap, then two weeks into the quarter upper management tried to derail your plans with an off-plan project. How do you respond?"

Why She Asks: "This situation and question gives me a sense of how well they work with upper management. Do they just take orders or are they confident and capable enough to present a case to upper management about why something can't be done right away? Would they be good at communicating trade-offs to upper management? Do they mention revenue/business impact when deciding themselves how to prioritize? Will they be able to stick to their plans or will they constantly be misdirected by outside requests?"

In the end, being an informed candidate at Glassdoor boils down to being highly-engaged, well-researched and excited about the role. We are looking for potential employees who are passionate about our mission to help everyone find a job that fits their life. If you're interested in learning more, dig further into our Glassdoor profile. Browse photos, videos, benefits and more as you decide if Glassdoor is the right fit for you!


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